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めいの日本のパスポートを取る・その1 (Get May-chan's JPN passport vol.1)

2019-08-06 12:33:14 | めいちゃん (May-chan)

How's your day going?

So, I officially announced the other day that I'm going take May-chan to Japan in September.

I seriously started thinking about the trip in the end of May.

Then, I noticed, "Oh yeah, I gotta get a passport for May-chan!!"

May-chan is actually a dual citizen of the US and Japanese, so I applied for both passports for her.

In order to get a US passport, you usually can file an application anytime here in the US, but speaking of Japanese passport, it's not that simple unless you live close to Japanese embassy or consulates in big cites.

For Japanese passport, you have to be preesnt to receive your passport.

Of course, you can go in an embassy or consulate office to file an application or receive your passport, but it's a lot of work when you live far away from those offices.

Though, they offer a great service which they come to your state and have a temporary office so that you don't have to make a long trip just for a passport.

In MN, people from Japanese consulate in Chicago have one-day-only office here a couple of times a year.

For passport service, the temporary office is just for you to receive your new passport, and you need to send an application with all the required documents to the embassy beforehand, usually by 2weeks before they open the temporary office at your location.

It was May 21st when I first realized, "Oh, I gotta make May-chan's passport!"

So, I rushed to do some research and found out that it was June 13th when they're going to have the temporary office in MN next.

If I miss it in June, the next service will be here in the middle of October, which is too late for the trip!

The instruction said that your application with all the required documents need to be sent to the consulate in Chicago by May 30th.

"OMG, they're gonna come here super soon!!!" and I rushed to look up what I need to get ready.

1.申請書(一般旅券発給申請書または記載事項変更旅券申請書) 一般旅券発給申請書記入例、記載事項変更旅券申請書記入例、申請書記入の留意点(下記)を 参照してください。

2.写真 1枚 「写真の規格」を参照してください。

3.現在所有の日本旅券の写し ・顔写真面のページ ・1~6ページまでの「渡航先」と「追記」のページに記載がある場合には、該当するページ ・申請者が未成年(20歳未満)の場合、両親どちらかの日本旅券の写しも同封してください
3:Copy of your current passport/either Japanese parent's passport for a minor

4.米国滞在資格を証明する文書 ・永住権保持者・・・グリーンカードの写し ・査証保持者・・・旅券に添付されている査証とI-94の写し、更にFビザの方はI-20の写 し、J ビザの方はDS2019の写し ・重国籍者・・・日本国籍以外を証明できる書類(出生証明書の写し、外国旅券の写し等)
4:Copy of greencard or visa/birth certificate or passport for a dual citizen

5.戸籍謄(抄)本 以下に該当する方は、申請日(=新旅券受領日)前の6ヶ月以内に発行された戸籍謄(抄)本の 原本が必要になります。 ・新規に申請される方 ・新旅券受領日前に現在所有の旅券の有効期間が切れる方 ・氏名や本籍地等に変更があり、一般旅券を申請する方 ・記載事項変更旅券を申請される方 ・紛失、盗難、焼失した旅券に代わる旅券を申請する方 ※氏名、本籍地等に変更がなく、現在所有の旅券の有効期間内に新旅券を受領する方は免除とな ります。
5:Family register

6.外国式氏名の綴りを確認できる公的文書 非ヘボン式氏名表記および別名併記を希望される方は、その綴りを確認できる公的文書の写し が必要になります。例えば、グリーンカード、英文婚姻証明書、米国運転免許証等。
6:Document with your English name when you want to have it on your Japanese passport

7.在留届 旅券法第16条により、3ヶ月以上海外に滞在される方には総領事館への在留届の提出が義務 付けられていますので、未提出の方はご提出下さい。既に提出済みの方で、氏名、本籍地、現住 所等の登録内容に変更がある場合は変更届をご提出ください。
7:residence report (Optional)


9.旅券受領希望日申込書 受領希望日は申請書類等が当館へ到着してから10日後以降の開館日をご記入下さい。受領希 望日に旅券を受け取らない場合、仮申請は取り下げ扱いとなり、旅券の受領ができなくなります。 この場合、再度の申請が必要となりますので、領事館閉館日を参照の上、確実に受領できる日を 指定してください。


What I was most worried about was 5, May-chan's family register.

I had to ask my family in Japan to go and get it at the city hall.

My sister, Skatch, first went to the office but she needed a letter from me to get my family register. They don't issue the document for anybody else without a letter but your parents or children, so my mom went to the office instead.

There's a small service office near my parents' house, but my mom got a problem to get May-chan's family register there.

What I heard from her was that the staff at the service office couldn't find May-chan's information in their system right away probably because I filed May-chan's birth report via the consulate in Chicago.

Though, the staff made a call with the city department and ended up finding May-chan's one.

Anyways, it was May 23rd when my mom shipped the document to MN, which was just a week before the deadline.

Okay, it's getting long, and I'll end this here today. Thanks for reading!!!

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