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日本での体外受精 その19 (IVF in Japan vol.19)

2018-05-20 20:28:46 | セカンドステップ・不妊治療 (Infertility Treatment)
Hello there!

How are you doing today?

Okay, I want to write another article of Second Step Series today.

On the last article of thie series, I talked about the day that we transplanted one of our embryos into my womb for the first time on March 14th.

After the transplant, I didn't have any bad symptons like nausea or cramps, so I was wondering "Is there really the egg in my belly?"

Though, my chest was very sore and annoying, but it has happened during my period many times before, so I didn't take it special either.


The 10 days after the transplant to test were not unusual either and Andy and I spent fun time as usual like taking a short trip to Suzka.

On March 24th, 10 days after the transplant, we had the fatal day.

As I read blogs by other women doing infertility treat, I thought my pregnancy test would be done with a blood test. So, I told Andy, "We might have to wait about 40mins after they take my blood."


Though, when I checked in the clinic on the day, they gave me a paper cup and said "Please put your urine in the cup and leave it in the bathroom."

I was totally thinking that they would do a blood test and surprised that they told me to do a urine test. Anyways, I gave them the cup and waited in the room with Andy.

Needless to say, my heart was beating hard.

Of course, it's because we're about to find out if I got pregnant or not, but besides that, "Okay, if I'm not pregnant this time, how much longer will I have to stay in Japan?" or "Well, if I need to stay more, do I need to rent an apartment room again?" Like for those practical reasons, the test result was going to decide the direction of our next couple of months too and that made me nervous as well.

How long did we wait in the room? In 20mins or so, they called us.

Andy and I entered the room and I saw a small stick (pregnancy test kit) on the desk. Then, our doctor said

"You're pregnant. The line on the stick is really thick and clear, so I think it's pretty well."


Of course, I immediately told Andy,

"Yay! It's positive!!!"

and we shared the calm, but very passionate joy together.

I was so happy to see the positive result, but I was very relived that I could make a specific plan for the rest of my stay in Japan.

I asked our doctor about the timing that I can fly back home and then he said it wouldn't cause any problem just by getting on a plane, but you sould wait until week 10 or so since you'll start getting morning sickness sometime soon and it'll end around week 10.


That is why I decided to stay in Japan until May 16th though Andy had to go home on April 11th as planned. After we left the apartment room, I moved to my parents' house.

Andy and I had worked on the infertility treatment over 3 years and we're kind of used to seeing nothing happened, so I still can't believe that a little human being will be born just in 10 months.

I just want to say a big thank you to my dearest husband, Andy, our families & friends both in MN and Japan and bosses and co-workers for their understanding and big support. Without their support, our bid dream couldn't come true.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!

As for the other 3 emryos, we asked the clinic to keep them for the next 3 years.

Again, thanks to everyone, our big project in Japan turned out to be a great success!!

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日本での体外受精 その18 (IVF in Japan vol.18)

2018-05-18 08:12:52 | セカンドステップ・不妊治療 (Infertility Treatment)
Hello everyone!

How are you doing today?

The long flight from Japan to MN made me so exhausted, but I got much better after I took much rest and sleep for 2 days.

Though, from the 2 big full suitcases that I brought back, there are tons of laundry and mail in the house.

Still, my sweet home is very comfortable and I want to clean the mess one by one from now.

This is another Second Step series today.


On March 14th, 2018, Andy and I had our first IVF transplant.

On the day, we had our appointment at 2:30pm and they told me to hold urine from 1:30pm of the day.

I heard that there wouldn't be any pain or nausea after this procedure, but it was a very memorial experience for me, so I asked Andy and my mom to come to the clinic for me.

We had 4 frozen eggs and 1 of them was frozen at Day3 after the insemination and the rest 3 were frozen at Day 5 as embryos.

They chose the best egg from the 3 frozen embryos for this day.

Egg No5

The procedre itself wasn't that different from AIH. They put some tool in your vigina and put a tube through to your womb. Then, they insert an embryo through the tube to your womb.

In my case, they had a hard time to put the tube through to my womb, so they added another tool to hold my woumb entrance. Though, there was no pain.

After they put the tube through, the engineer brought my embryo and they carefully inserted it to the tube as watching the ultra sound image.

I think it took about 30mins for the entire procedure.

They gave me this pic and said the egg was in the circle.

After the procedure, I really didn't need to lie down or take a rest at all, so Andy and I took a train to go back to our apartment right away.

I still needed to keep using these tapes to get me enough estrogen (a kind of hormons) and chenge them every other day.


I wrote about this tape before and then I was saying it didn't make my skin itchy, but after that, just like many other women, I got very itchy skin and had to fight until I didn't need to use them anymore.

Plus the tapes, I also needed to start using another medichine which gets me enough Progesterone (Yeah, another kind of hormons). This is suppository type one.


I actually wasn't sure the differnce between the tapes and the suppository medichines, but yeah, they support to produce 2 different kinds of hormons.

So, it was going to be March 24th when I was going to take a pregnancy test.

Okay, this is all today. Thanks for reading again!

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日本での体外受精 その17 (IVF in Japan vol.17)

2018-05-17 07:27:19 | セカンドステップ・不妊治療 (Infertility Treatment)

How are you doing today?

I came back to MN yesterday.

I was super exhausted after the very long trip, but got pretty much recovered after a long nap.

I still some stuff write about my experience in Japan and I'd love to share it here one by one.

Okay, today's topic is the Second Step series.

On the last visit to the clinic, our doctor checked the thickness of my endometrial and my hormone levels and he said our transplant was going to happen on March 14th.


Our doctor also recommended us to do this optional procedure called SEET since we're not be able to stay in Japan so long.

At our clinic, this procedure is usually done for a couple who's failed IVF 2 or 3 times before, but our doctor recommended us to do the best we could do from the first IVF.

SEET is the procedure to inject liquid in which is used to grow embryos into the uterine cavity 2,3 days before transplant.

The pros of this procedure is that you can send some kind of signals to your womb and let your womb know "The embryo is coming to you soon!" and get it ready. The success rate of implantation gets higher too.

The cons is that costs. It's optional procedure and our clinic charges about $100 for this, so it's not that crazy expensive at all and I'd say it's worth it.

Plus that, we also did another optional procedure for our first IVF which is called AHA.

When you freeze your embryos and defrost them, the shells sometimes get harder. When the shells get too hard, the inside part can't break the shell to come out and go dead.

To prevent the failure, they artificially cut or thin a part of the shell so that the inside part can come out for sure.

The cons of this procedure is the cost again. This is also optional and our clinic charges $200 for this.

When I first heard about this optional procedure, I wondered "I'm not sure it would worth $200." On the other hand, Andy's more positive and proactive about this and said, "Let's do whatever we can do!" So, we asked them to do AHA for us too.

In fact, when they defrosted one of our embryos, our engineer told us

"The embryo is very good, but it's got a little shrunk and harder."

So, I think it was a right decision for us to do AHA this time.

For the SEET procedure, I needed to go to the clinic 2 days before our transplant day.

The procedure itself doesn't involve any pain and need any rest afterward, so I went to the clinic by myself that day.

My appointment was 2:30pm, but before this procedure, you need to hold your urine from 2hours before so that your bladder pushed your womb up and they can see your womb better with ultrasound.

The procedure isn't painful at all and I even didn't feel when they inject the liquid into my womb either.

I heard that some people have a hard time to hold the urine because they put some tools and push your bladder with them, but I didn't have the problem either.

The procedure was done in 30mins or so and I didn't need to rest either, so I went back to our apartment by train.

Okay, the next is finally about our first transplant. Thanks for reading again!

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日本での体外受精 その16 (IVF in Japan vol.16)

2018-05-15 11:15:58 | セカンドステップ・不妊治療 (Infertility Treatment)

How's everything going?

So, today's topic is my infertility treatment.

Here in Japan, we could take 7 eggs out in the first cycle and 4 of them perfectly had grwon up to the high quality embryos.

As for transplant, my doctor recommended to skip the first cycle since my ovaries were inflamed from producing multiple eggs at one.

In the next cycle, I made an appointment a couple of days after the first day of my period.

Andy and I had a meeting with our engineer and learned what options we could take.

According to our engineer, we could choose the way to transplant one of our embryos following my body's natural schedule or the way to control my hormons with some medications.

The biggest concern when choosing the natural way is that we will have to postpone the transplant until the next month if the best timing meets a Sunday because they're close on Sundays.

So, Andy and I chose to do the way to control my hormons with medication though it costs more.

In my case, from the Day2 of my cycle, I started putting the estrogen stickers on my belly.(What estrogen is...)


The stickers make some people itchy a lot, but it was endurable itchness to me. So, I kept using them.

In my case, I needed to use 3 stickers at once and change them with new ones every other day.

2 weeks after the first day of my period, I had an appointment with the clinic and had the doctor check if my endometrium got thick enough or not.

At that point, my endometrium was a little thinner than it would need to be, so I made another appointment 3 days after.

And on the next appointment, they said I was ready to go for the transplant in the cycle.

So, they planned to transplant one of our embryos 5 days after, so that means it's 23days after the first day of my period in the cycle.

Even though they said my endometrium was thick enough for the transplant, but I actually took a blood test on the same day and depending on the result, I still might have to skip the transplant. They said they're going to give me a call only in case when they found a problem with my result.

I didn't get a phone call from the clinic which means my blood test result was fine. Then, Andy and I finally had the transplant day on March 14th.

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日本での体外受精 その15 (IVF in Japan vol.15)

2018-05-04 14:14:39 | セカンドステップ・不妊治療 (Infertility Treatment)
Hi there!

How are you doing today?

So, this is another Second Step article about my IVF treatment.

On the day they took my eggs out, I was feeling dizzy and nausea from the anesthesia after the operation, but they could take 7 eggs out from my ovaries.

The next day, I called the clinic and heard that 5 out of 7 eggs got well inseminated.

Then, we had an appointment with one of the engineer on tha day whish was 5 days after the insemination.

I was so relieved and excited when I first heard that 5 eggs got well inseminated with Andy's sperm, but I hear that a lot of couples struggle to grow healthy eggs after insemination. So, I was very nervous to hear how our eggs had been doing.

The appointment was at 9am and we checked in a little earlier. Then, our engineer came to call us shortly and guided to the meeting room.

Once we all had the seats at the table, she said

"Oh well, this is really great."


So, before I asked her about more details, I told Andy

"She said it's really great! Yay!!"

and gave him a high-five.

Then, our engineer put 4 pictures of the table.

Out of 5 inseminated eggs, 4 eggs had grown up so healthy.

They freezed one of them on Day3 after the insemination which is a left-top picture as we asked them to.

And the rest also had grwon up to Day5 which are called Embryo. Plus, they actually put grade on each embryo and our embryos were pretty much in the best conditions. 2 of them were AA and the other one was also BA.

How to grade a cleavage stage embryo: After fertilization, but before blastocyst stage- Embryos are graded on an A, B, C and D scale which is based upon the rate of development on that particular day, fragmentation percentage, synchrony of cell division, and evenness of cell division. (The link to the website.)

We don't know the clear reason of our infertility, but according to the results of Huhner test, we knew that Andy's sperm got killed in my body right away.

So, Andy and I personally didn't think that his sperm and my eggs had ever met until this IVF.

So, the 4 pictures above made us very moved and feel like "Oh my! We finally could meet!!"

Anyways, thanks to the great condition of our embryos, we now can move on to transplant an egg back into my belly!

Thanks for reading again!

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