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リア充な休日3/3 (Family Quality Day 3/3)

2023-06-04 13:19:30 | MN生活(13年目)(MN2022-23)
Hi there!

How's everything goin in your day?

So, I've been talking about this very productive and fun family day that Andy, May-chan and I had the other day. This is the last article about it.

We started the full-of-events day from a medical appointment and then had a great time at Como zoo & conservatory. Then, we had a nice and casual lunch and also Andy and I got a nice hair cut on the same day. As the final event of the day, we visited our precious friends, Rheanna and Patrick after the hair cut.

Just by us getting closer to the door, their 2 lovely dogs welcomed us so vigorously. They're German and Australian Shepard. Pretty big.

I once thought that May-chan might get scared of the big dog's passionate greetings, but she actually kept giggling and smiling.

The dogs were super excited to find someone who'd love to play with them, so they kept giving a "Let's play with me!" look to May-chan. Haha.

I'm not sure what this play name is, but May-chan and they're playing by pulling the toy from each other.

I was also wondering, "The doggies might pull May-chan down." since they're bigger than her, but how smart they were. They were controlling their power very well for May-chan and enjoyed the game.

It was very nice out that day, so we hung out at their yard for a while and then were invited to their fancy trailer.

For Japanese friends, trailers are like camping cars without the vehicle part.

Like this, they pull the trailer by a pickup truck or other big cars.

In Japan, most of people want to choose a compact car for the convenience in driving on narrow roads, but here in the US (MN), a lot of people love to own big cars like pickup trucks so that they can attach a trailer with their car only when they want to go camping. I think that's more convenient than owning a camping car.

Inside their trailer, you can have pretty much everything you'd need to live. The fridge is a decent size and you can use a gas stove, microwave and also oven too.

Some people in the US live in a trailer house too, so their trailer seemed livable enough too.

This doesn't have anything to do with their fancy trailer, but I couldn't help showing this to you here.

It's a miniature house handmade by Rheanna. Wow! She said, "I made like 50 miniature books by hand, haha!"

This is another one. Her amazing craft works remind me of the Japanese famous toy, Sylvanian Families.

The trailer had a TV connected with Wi-Fi in the house, so May-chan enjoyed watching Peppa Pig there too.

The interior of the trailer was very nice and comfortable, which even made me, who's not an outdoor lover, feel like "I could go enjoy camping too!"

Rheanna utilized the lovely trailer besides camping and told me,

"When I wanna be alone, I come in this trailer and close the curtains and pretend to be somewhere calm and quiet."


Literally, the size is a decent 1 room apartment room in Japan, so I can easily imagine how comfortable and nice it is coming in here to stay away from your busy life and enjoy your private time sometimes.

Anyways, this is all about our very eventful day. We did a lot in one day, but everything went great and we had a wonderful day.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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リア充な休日2/3 (Family Quality Day 2/3)

2023-05-31 10:58:21 | MN生活(13年目)(MN2022-23)
Hello there!

How are you doing today?

So, on May 5th which's Children's day in Japan, Andy, May-chan and I had a wonderful family day.

I talked that we had a great time at Como zoo on the previous article and then we headed to...,

Como conservatory right next to the zoo.

久しぶりに思い出の植物園に言ってみたけれど (We visited Como Conservatory, but...) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


goo blog


The last we visited the conservatory was 2 years ago in the middle of the pandemic. We didn't do research enough to know that they were regulating the number of visitors back then, so we couldn't go in the facility at the time. LOL So, we ended up just walking around there.

家族3人で植物園(Como Conservatory) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


goo blog


Como conservatory was actually the first place where we went out together as a family of 3 after May-chan was born. She was around 4 months old.

Andyっちとの再会旅行⑯(運命の日) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


goo blog


The place was also where Andy made a proposal to me too. Yeah, so full of family memories there. It was 13 years ago.

Thankfully, there's no regulations for visitors number anymore, so we could go in the facility this time. haha

Needless to say, there's a lot of different plants in the conservatory, but May-chan was mostly into whatever related to water rather than plants.

Yeah, she's looking at the pond.

She asked Daddy to hold her up so that she could see the pond better. Haha.

It was Friday, so the conservatory wasn't busy so much like the zoo, so we could walk around and see the plants at our pace.

Even at such a beautiful spot, May-chan was still fascinated by the water, not the flowers.

We had the next event on the plan and it's time to leave there, but May-chan didn't want to go yet, so Andy and I had a hard time to convince her to head to the next destination. Haha.

So, the next event on our list for the day was Andy and I getting a hair cut. We had an appointment with our friend, Mika-chan, as always.

So, we left the conservatory and got on the way to the salon.

We still had some time till the appointments, so walked in a restaurant for a quick lunch.

行ったのはこちら。Manitou Grill 
The restaurant is here. Manitou Grill

パパママとランチ (Lunch with Dad&Mom) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


goo blog


This restaurant is also special for us because it's the first restaurant which May-chan went to in her life when she's around 3months old. Of course, she didn't order anything there then though.

She behaved very well while we're waiting for our order to be served. I think that she behaves pretty well after she burns a certain amount of her energy by playing outside.

Thank you for planning this fun family event!

May-chan got their chicken nuggets and fries. The name on the menu said chicken nuggets, but they're actually more like Japanese style fried chicken. She really loved them.

Andy got tacos.

I got soup & salad. I liked them, but I should have asked them to put the dressing on the side. It's a little bit too much on it for me.

After the casual lunch, Andy and I both got a nice hair cut. Yeah, our family day wasn't over yet. We headed to the final destination.

Okay, let me stop here for today. Thank you for reading again!!

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リア充な休日1/3 (Family Quality Day 1/3)

2023-05-28 12:06:59 | MN生活(13年目)(MN2022-23)
Hello folks!

How's your day going?

Here in the US, it's Memorial day weekend.

The weather is beautiful and perfect for BBQ, so I assume that a lot of people enjoy grilling today. Andy, May-chan and I are spending this holiday as a usual weekend day and Andy just went out for some shopping by himself and May-chan and I are just being lazy and chilling out.

So, today I want to share about a very productive family day that we enjoyed the other Friday.

We had a lot of events planned on the Friday and started from an appointment at our IVF clinic.

I got a call from them on the previous day and made the appointment on short notice, but it's very convenient and lucky that Andy already had made the Friday off.

Andy and I needed to take a blood test, but it only took 10 mins or so for both.

Okay, then we headed to the next destination, Como Zoo!

May-chan recently learned about a map, so she got super excited to find a zoo map there.

Again, it was Friday and pretty quiet there, so we thankfully didn't have to plough through a crowd to see the animals at all.



Lucky us! The tiger was walking toward us.

Lions are nocturnal, so they were taking a nap.

Hey, I got a shot of the lion and tiger in one picture!


Can you see who's here?

It's polar bears!

You can see them from the other side inside the building. May-chan seemed so amazed to see the big polar bears moving so close and she said, "I liked the polar bears most!" in the end of the day.

Here's a giraffe sculpture, so why not? Cheese!! You know what, I think May-chan loved this the most. Haha.

We brought a banana for snacks, so May-chan enjoyed it on the bench.

So, we had more events on the list for the day, so it's time to head to the next destination. Let's go!

I got much more to write about the day, so let me end this here for today.

Thank you for reading again!!! Bye!

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マリーちゃんのブライダルシャワー (Marie's Bridal Shower)

2023-05-15 13:19:21 | MN生活(13年目)(MN2022-23)
Hi folks!

How's everything going today?

In MN time, yesterday was mother's day.

Andy kindly asked me, "What do you wanna do on Mother's day?" earlier on the week, so I told him, "Oh, if it's nice out, I wanna go get a cup of coffee and donuts or something and picnic somewhere. At night, I wanna do Columbo night (watch the famous detective drama "Columbo").

Though, May-chan started running fever Thursday night and got better and worse through the entire weekend. She's much better today, Monday, but I'll let her skip preschool today since she still has runny nose and cough.

So, on Mother's day, May-chan woke up to use the bathroom at 4:30am and came to me. I gave her Tylenol because she's very warm and still looked tired.

After that, she said that she wanted to sleep in Daddy&Mommy's bed, so I put her in my side of the bed. I tried to sleep between Andy and May-chan, but I couldn't fall asleep in the tight space. So, I was just cuddling with her in an uncomfortable position for a while.

I couldn't get enough sleep, so I went back to bed after Andy got up and started watching May-chan. I ended up sleeping until 1pm or so and May-chan was still not feeling well, so we didn't do anything special for Mother's day at all.

Here in MN, it's got pretty warm lately and the more the temperature goes up, the better my mental condition gets.

So, on Saturday in the late April, May-chan and I went to our lovely friend, Marie-chan's bridal shower.

Bridal shower in general is not a familiar event in Japan, but it's a party generally for a lady who's going to be married in the near future. The bride's friends or family members are usually the host of the party and plan all the things from food to fun games. The guest usually bring a gift to the bride there too.

久しぶりにガールズデー!(Girl's Day Restarted!) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


goo blog


Marie's going to have her wedding in June. Marie-chan and we have been friends for some years and we sometimes hang out at my house, which we call it "Girls day".

It's Saturday when May-chan and I go to Japanese school, so we went there in the morning, swung back home once and then headed to the party again.

The theme of the party was Disney. They decorated the room so cute and made it like a party for princesses.

They had bunch of snacks and dessert there, so May-chan enjoyed them too.

We played a couple of games too. One of the games was that you guessed the number of Kiss's chocolate in a jar. (The person who got the closest number won the prize.)

Besides the chocolate game, we played some quiz related to Disney or the groom and bride.
(The Disney quiz was too tough for me, so I gave up most of them. Haha)

After the fun game time, it's a present time!

In the US, you can register items that you want on a store website or other websites so that the guests can get what you really want for you from the list.
(Of course, you can get something not on the list as well. I personally think it's a really good and practical idea for the registry system in the US.)

So, I picked up a couple of thins from the registry list too.

ギフトにはめいさんのハグも付いてきました。(笑) 本人の欲しいモノだったから当然と言えばそうなんですが、マリーちゃん、めっちゃ喜んでくれました。
With the material gifts, May-chan gave her a big hug too. Haha. I'm glad that Marie liked the gift and hug.

At the party, Marie was the only friend who we'd known, but her grandma kindly came to us to greet.

"Hi, I'm Marie's grandma. I heard about you guys a lot from her, so I'm so glad I finally can meet you two and now see the faces who she was talking about."

Aww, how sweet of her!

She's not the only person who'd heard about May-chan at the party and we met some other guests saying, "Oh, you are May-chan!! I hear a lot about you from Marie!" The meetings with the wonderful people taught me that Marie-chan really cherished our friendship and talked about it to her friends all the time, which made me so happy.

Everybody else but Marie-chan at the party was new to us, but they're all so nice and kind, so I could be comfortable enough to enjoy the party even though I wasn't a big fan of parties in general.

Also, it's really heartwarming for me that Maris-chan's friends seemed so happy helping to make the party a wonderful time for everybody there and I could surely tell how much Marie-chan's loved by her friends and family.

In the end of the party, everybody shot a photo with the bride. Cheese!!

Her wedding is almost there!

We're also invited to her wedding too and can't waif for it!!

Okay, this is all about Marie-chan's bridal shower!

Thank you for reading again!!!

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外遊び開始!(Outdoor Play Began!)

2023-05-11 10:26:36 | めいちゃん (May-chan)
Hello there!

How are you doing today?

Well, I've complained about the long and snowy winter here in MN a couple of times on my blog.

Though, we finally went through the harsh winter and the weather has become much more friendly to us in May. Every time I see the sun out in the sky, I feel very grateful that the sun light and warmth affect our life in a good way.

Thanks to the warm and comfortable season, May-chan lately enjoys playing outside a lot.

When I have extra energy left, I sometimes take her to the trail near our house.

I took this pic in the late of April when the weather was still a little bit chilly, so we're still in a jacket back then.

It's only 5 min-walk for adults from our house to the trail, but I used to drive there when May-chan was younger because it's still too far for her to walk there.

Now, she's capable of walking all the way to the trail without any help.

She's been recently into Draemom (Japanese cartoon) and learned about "World Map" from it. So, she got so excited to find the trail map saying, "Wow!!! It's a world map!!!" even though she'd been to the trail million times before.

All the snow on the ground was gone at the time, so it's pretty comfortable to walk on the trail.

Why not? Selfie time!!

Her most favorite activity on the trail that day was that she picked these plant heads up and...

stuck them in the ground. She said, "Flower garden!!!" and was so pleased with her creative work. Haha.

She's so into this garden project for a while and I ended up getting tired and asking her, "Hey, let's go!!"
(A part of me was feeling like letting her do it until she's satisfied, but you know, my energy is so limited. haha)

We took a break at the usual spot. Kit Kat time!! She seemed so happy.

May-chan took a picture for me too. Isn't it a good shot?? This picture showed me how she looked at me.

After the break, I was going to head back home, but she started making a flower garden again. She didn't care even if I was walking away from her. Haha.

One of the reasons why I love this trail is because it's very safe and I can let her go wherever she goes and watch her from a certain distance like this.

She finally accepted to go back home with some prompts after this.

I'm writhing this in early May and the weather is much warmer than when we took the trail walk. So, I don't mind walking at May-chan's pace so much anymore. (When we took the walk, it's still chilly and I was less patient to wait for her.)

Anyways, we can finally enjoy the wonderful season now. I'd definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity to let May-chan play outdoor as often as possible before another freezy winter comes to us.

Okay, thank you for reading again!!! Bye for now!

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