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父の日2020 前編 (Father's Day 2020)

2020-07-02 12:48:48 | MN生活(11年目)(MN2020-21)
Hello everyone!

How's everything in your life?

Andy, May-chan and I are now at Dad&Mom's rental place up north. We got here around 6pm yesterday and are going to have a 4th of July vacation about for a week here with our family.

Still, we're not planning to eat or go out like our usual vacation considering the risk of COVID-19, so we're going to just hang around the rental house and enjoy a calm and quiet family time together.

For May-chan and me, it's the first time to leave our house and be in a different environment after 4 months or so. I bet that it's going to be a great refreshing time for both of us for sure.

What I'm looking forward to doing on this vacation is that I'll have more free time than usual and write more blog articles than usual too!

I hear that Brad is joining us today, so I'll have everybody else to play with May-chan and in the meantime, I'd love to watch YouTube or write my blog without being interrupted. Hehe!

So, today I want to share the day that we celebrated Father's day.

On Father's day, we're going to celebrate it with Dad&Mom, so Andy got up early in the morning and started to smoke a chunk of pork for dinner.

Maybe, I was supposed to get up early and cook fancy breakfast for my loving hubby since it was Father's day, but Andy kindly told me, "I'm going to pick up May-chan tomorrow morning, so you can sleep in." So, I slept in as long as I wanted in Father's day morning. (Thank you, hon!)

Dad&Mom safely got here and May-chan was happy!

"I'll take some pics of you and May. Probably, you're always the one to hold a camera and don't have many pictures with her." said Mom. (Yup, she's the best!)

Whenever Dad&Mom are with us, I can be lazy about May-chan since they're always pleased to play with her.

Yeah, May-chan always uses her privilege of an only child. Haha.

Our original plan was that we would eat dinner together including May-chan, but it took more time for Andy to cook the big chunk of pork in the smoker. So, I decided to feed May-chan first and do a present time before she went to bed.

Cards first. As usual, May-chan handed out the cards to everyone. We gave mom a super belated Mother's day card from 3 of us too.

May-chan's showing the card with her foot print to Grandma.

Yup, she's showing her art work on the card to Grandpa too. Haha.

We hadn't got either Mother's day present for mom or Father's day present for Dad at the time, so all we gave them the cards that day.

Then, May-chan got a card and a couple of presents for her daddy too.

Though, I want to write about it on the next article. So, please stay tuned!!

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ダディお手製の・・・(Daddy's Handmade...)

2020-06-30 13:30:46 | めいちゃん (May-chan)
Hi there!

How are you doing today?

Today on June 30th 2020, I'm having my 10th anniversary that I moved from Japan to MN.

The last 10 years feels to have flied so quickly, but I still could make a lot of precious memories when I look back.

On this anniversary, I am reminded that I do want to cherish every single day of my life and enjoy every moment of the day too.

So, I shared how May-chan played in the yard everyday on the last article and today I want to show you a precious gift from Andy to May-chan, which Andy handmade it just for his daughter.

What he made was this.

Yup, May-chan's personal sandbox.

Andy actually had thought about the plan to make a sandbox for May-chan for a while because he got an inspiration as watching May-chan

play with ash like this every time she's outside.

Also, she always enjoyed digging a hole on a particular spot in the yard. Haha.

Andy's plan about sandbox was in limbo for a couple of months, but one day he finally got down to the project and finished making the wooden box for less than 1 hour.

The reason why Andy didn't start the project for a while after he came up with the idea was because he was looking for decent play sand.

最初、Home Depotというアメリカで有名なホームセンターで売っているものを買おうと思っていたらしいのですが、ネットでレビューを見ていたら、「大きな石がゴロゴロ入ってた!」というコメントがいくつかあって、「うーん。どうしようかなぁ。」と決めかねていました。
Andy first looked at Home Depot website and found one, but some reviews about the product said, "We found bunch of rocks in the bag!" So, he wasn't sure if he really would want to buy it.

その後、他のお店に問い合わせたりしたんですが、結局値段がすごく高かったり、手軽な値段でも最低購入量がすごく多かったりして、結局のところ、パパママが我が家に来てくれるという日に、最初に見ていたHome Depotで砂を買ってきてくれるようにお願いしました。
After that, Andy also checked with a couple of other shops, but the price was too expensive at one place or you needed to buy tons at once at the other place. So, after all, he asked Dad&Mom to get some bags at Home Depot when they came over our house.

Andy put the sand that Dad&Mom picked up in his homemade wooden box, and then May-chan's personaly sandbox was ready to go!

May-chan is actually very grumpy after a nap but she was extra crabby on the opening day of the special sandbox.

So, Andy took her out to the yard to calm her down and introduced the special sandbox to her when she's feeling better.

She really liked to get a place where she could play with sand as long as she wanted.

で、結果的に購入するのを迷っていたHome Depotの砂ですが、特に石がゴロゴロ入っている訳ではなく、十分砂場に適したサラサラの砂でした。
As for the sand that we ended up getting at Home Depot, I didn't see any big rocks or something, and it was pretty good to let my child play with.

"Because the wild animals would use this as their potty..." said Andy, and he also made a cover for the sandbox so that May-chan can always play with clean sand.

Since the 1st day, May-chan always plays in the sandbox when we play outside.

Again, I think it's super lucky for May-chan to have her personal sandbox.

In my childhood, there was a park only 30 second walk away from my apartment.

I didn't have a moment to think about it back then, but now I know how lucky I was to have such a nice environment as a child.

You're so lucky, May-chan!

Okay, this is all about Andy's handmade sandbox for May-chan.

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最近のお庭遊び (How May-chan Plays in the yard lately)

2020-06-28 13:29:17 | めいちゃん (May-chan)
Hello there!

How's everything going in your life?

Well, the topics that I've been writing here in the quarantined life are kind of all same even though I was repeatedly writing about same things from the first anyways.

In my quarantined life, all the things that I do everyday is like wake up, feed May-chan, watch TV, cook etc... and start it over on the next day, which is very peaceful, but has no events eitehr.

So, this is another May-chan's growth diaries here today.

In my quarantined life, May-chan and I live only in the house and the yard. (Daddy sometimes gives May-chan a drive though.)

Anyways, I try to take May-chan outside and let her play in the yard a couple of times on a sunny day so that she can burn her energy and vent some stress out.

I found a mini basketball and a mini football in our house, so we play with them a lot. It's so hard to shoot a video when May-chan plays, but she's very good at kicking a ball!

May-chan loves to play sitting on the ground like this, so I purchased 2 pairs of raincoat pants.

Oh my, I'm so happy that I got her these waterproof pants.

I already had bought some reasonable dark color shirts with long sleeves on Gap or Amazon online shop as May-chan's outdoor play clothes, which is great that I don't have to worry about dirt or stain on those shirts. Though, I still wanted to find something good for her outdoor pants since regular cotton pants let water go through from the wet ground to May-chan's diaper especially when she played on the day after a rain day.

Even when I didn't have to worry about her pants getting wet, I still had to change her clothes every time she played outside, which increased the amount of laundry that I had to do. It sounds tiring, doesn't it? Yeah, it was tiring. Haha.

Now I have the raincoat pants and don't have to change May-chan's pants so many times anymore, so I'm super happy!

I don't know why, but May-chan loves to play with ash from bon fire. (No worries! She plays with it when it's completely cooled down.)

She sometimes wants to get covered with the ash like this too.

Oh yeah, I recently made her play barefoot as much as possible too.

I haven't researched about this much yet, but I kind of heard that it's good for kids to play barefoot since the sense on their feet somehow stimulates their brain. Plus that, I just remembered that I used to play barefoot when I was a child.

May-chan doesn't care about being barefoot at all, so why not?

5/15/2020 Play in the yard(お庭遊び)

Again, I'm not sharing something special here again, but this is how May-chan and I play in the yard everyday.

May-chan basically likes to play at some certain spots in the yard by herself, so I usually can sit and enjoy my coffee and book time as feeling nice breeze while I watch her playing.

"I don't necessarily want to do this, but I'll let mommy do whatever she wants to do anyways."

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading my blog again!!!

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マリーからサプライズプレゼント (A surprise present from Marie)

2020-06-26 12:49:46 | MN生活(10年目)(MN2019-20)
Hi everyone!

How are you doing today?

The other day I got a message from my lovely friend, Marie, saying, "I sent you a present. It should be there tomorrow!"

It was neither my birthday nor May-chan's birthday and just another ordinary day.

So, I responded, "Wow! Thanks!!" Then, Marie said, "That's what friends are for." (Thanks!)

I wrote about her on this blog a couple of times before, but Marie and I were having a girl's day once a week just to have fun like studying Japanese or baking cookies etc... before all the COVID-19 stuff happened.


水曜日はガールズデー (Wednesday is our girl's day) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


水曜日はガールズデー (Wednesday is our girl's day) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)



ショートブレッドクッキーを作ってみたよ。 - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


ショートブレッドクッキーを作ってみたよ。 - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


Just like the notice from Marie, I received a package in the mail box right on the next day.

It was 2 sets of very cute clothes for May-chan.

May-chan was super excited for the present too!


6/15/2020 Opening a present from Marie(マリーからのプレゼント)

One of the cute clothes was perfect for the 4th of July, which was designed with American national flag colors, so I'd definitely like to put it on May-chan on the 4th.

This surprise present from Marie nicely reminded me that I'm super lucky to have such wonderful friends who kindly think of May-chan or me in my life.

I just wish that Marie and I can restart doing our girl's day when COVID-19 crisis is over, and I do want to show and tell my gratitude to her through doing a lot of fun and exciting things together with her. Besides that, just like how Marie sent her kindness and love to May-chan and me, I'll remember to keep sending my love and gratitude to my friends and family in my way from now too.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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久しぶりにパパママ来訪 (Dad&Mom's Visit)

2020-06-24 13:19:09 | MN生活(10年目)(MN2019-20)
Hi there!

How's your day going today?

So, my family still continues the quarantined life, but here in MN, they have started gradually reopening businesses under certain conditions from June, which allows that you can have a gathering with a limited number of people.

A couple days after they released the announcement, Dad&Mom came over our house.

Dda&Mom are temporarily renting a house up north where's about 3 hour drive from our house and working on building a cabin there. They are hiring a builder for the project, but still trying to do wherever they can do on their own.

Most of their belongings are stored in a storage near their old house, Brad's or our house now.

So, when they need something from the belongings, they have to take 3 hours driving down here to pick it up.

Mom still works full time though is going to retire this summer and has worked from home since the quarantined order was placed. Though, she still needs to go in her office which is in St. Paul every other week.

So, every time they need to come down to the twin city area for something, they stay over in our house.

May-chan remembered her Grandpa&Grandma even after a long time not seeing them and asked them for a hug right away.

Andy, May-chan and I usually have dinner together at the same table, but May-chan was eating by herself that day. (I don't remember why Andy and I didn't eat with her. Haha)

Thoguh, May-chan had great companies for her dinner. She looked happy to be with Grandpa&Grandma.

Look at her smile! She's super excited to see someone other than Daddy or Mommy. She's spreading her happy energy everywhere.

Grandpa kindly played making a funny face with her too. It's fun, isn't it?

May-chan fully used the privilege of an only child and had Grandpa hold her as much as she wanted to as well. LOL

Dad&Mom (Grandpa&Grandma) stayed over in our house that night, so we could have some calm and relaxing time to chat together in the living room.

Me personally, I hadn't talked to anybody other than Andy or Brad in the quarantined life, so I could feel that the fun conversation with Dad&Mom stimulated my English brain which had been in s sleep mode for a long time.

BTW, it's a lot of work moving itself in general, but building a house from scratch besides moving?? I can't imagine how much time and energy you need to do it.

Dad&Mom are trying to do whatever they can do on their own to save the cost. Plus that, they have to talk a lot with their builder about the project to make sure that everything is going to be fine. It's also a lot of work just to choose which floor wood, tile, cabinet, window etc...you like to use for your house one by one from countless options according to your budget and likings.

I just hear what's going on the project but almost get tired just to hear how much work they have to go through. All I can do now for them is to hope that everything about the project will go smoothly and they can have a calm and relaxing retired life as soon as possible.

Okay, this is all for today. I'm glad that we could have a fun time with them for the first time after a long time!!!

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