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肌荒れを診てもらったよ。 (Visit Dr. to check May-chan's skin)

2019-05-29 14:31:57 | めいちゃん (May-chan)

How's your day going?

Mine is great.

So, on the 1st week of May, we took May-chan to the clinic for her skin trouble for the first time other than regular check-ups.

She'd had some dry spots on her body since before, and we'd frequently put vaseline on her. Though, the spot on her right cheek turned to look infected and wet, and Andy called the nurse line and asked them what we could do for that.

この肌荒れの前にも、歯が生えてきたこともあってAndyっちが病院のナースラインに電話してくれて、赤ちゃん用の痛み止め(Baby Tylenol)を飲ませても良いのかどうかなどを聞いてくれました。
In the past, Andy made a phone call to the nurse line to ask if we could use Baby Tylenol for teething ache before.

At the time, their answer was that we shouldn't use it since even Baby Tylenol still puts a strain on their livers. So, they gave us some tips to soothe teething ache instead.

As for this skin trouble, Andy just wanted to ask them what we could do for it first, but the nurse on the phone recommended him to make an appointment with a doctor just in case, so he made one 2 days after.

One solution for rough skin that we got through the phone call was Neosporin.
(We already had this in our medicine box for burn, scratch or cut.)

On Monday next week, I met up with Andy at the clinic when he's done with his work.

They scaled her weight for the first time in a month after her 4 month check up.

The worst spot, her right cheek was already much better after I used Neosporin a couple of times. It was wet before but turned to be a scab at the time of the appointment.

Recently, she tries to grab my camera when I take her pics. I bet that she was happy not to get any shots on the day. Haha.

On the appointment, May-chan's doctor was off, so the other pediatrician checked her.

As I expected, the spot on her right cheek was not that bad, so she let us know some tips and an anti-itch cram that we could try.

This is the cream. It's OTC. The doctor said that we could use only twice a day and for a week at the longest.

When I put this cream on May-chan a few times after the appointment, the troubled spots became much better. I also used this cream on some spots where she tried to scratch.

Plus, we still keep using vaseline very frequently not to make her skin dry. (Especially, after a bath time)

It was the first Dr's appointment other than regular check-ups, but May-chan was doing very good and happy the whole time.

To be honest, I was thinking, "I could wait and see a little bit more." for her skin, but I appreciate Andy for making a phone call to the nurse line promptly.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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お誕生会にお呼ばれ (Madeline's 5th BD party)

2019-05-25 12:55:55 | MN生活(9年目) (MN2018-19)
Hello there!!

How are you doing today?

I'm doing pretty well.

So, on the first Saturday in May, we're invited to Madeline's 5th BD party. Madeline's Andy's best friend, Shawn's daughter.

On the article that we visited Andy's office with May, I wrote about this, but Andy and Shawn have been best friends since they're in the 3rd grade and they work for the same company now.

On the party day, what caught our eyes first when we got to Shawn's house was this.

I don't know what to call in Japanese, but there's a big bouncy castle in front of their house! It's pretty big!

Inside the house, you could see the wonderful decoration. I bet that Shawn's wife, Becky came up with the idea.

The theme was Unicorn, so the cupcakes had the Unicorn decoration too.

I was just impressed by Shawn and Becky who put a lot of effort into all the decoration.

It was very nice that we finally introduced May-chan to Becky and the birthday girl, Madeline too.

In a little while after we got there, there were more kids arrived one by one and I came to realize the reason why Shawn and Becky rented the big bouncy castle.

Oh my, I think that there were about 17 kids around 5 years old at the party and how energetic and hyper they were!!!

It seemed almost impossible for them to consume the energy just by an indoor activity.

Our May-chan was still too young for the bouncy castle and just enjoyed hanging out on the nice couch.

There was a 3 year old or so girl too, and she was also kind of overwhelmed by the older kids. So, May-chan and she stayed on the couch to stay away from the chaos.

Of course, the peak was the present time. It was a little bit funny to see Shawn and Katherine (from the Raimonds) had to guide the kids saying, "Everybody, sit, sit!!"

Finally, everyone could sit and watch Madeline start opening each present in front of the fireplace.

Not only the BD girl but also other kids were super interested in what's inside of each present.

ちなみに、これくらいの年の女の子にはLOL Dallというおもちゃが人気みたいです。全然知らなかったですけど。(画像拝借元
BTW, LOL Dall seems very populer for girls around the age.

Like I said, it was a little bit chaotic when 17 5-year-old kids gathered at once, but I'm happy to see the BD girl and her friends having a really fun time together.

When I saw all the kids running around and playing so well, I thought, "Oh, May-chan is gonna run and speak like these kids just in a couple of years." and was kind of overwhelmed by how fast kids grow up. So, I felt like, "This is why I wana make every moment of time with May-chan so precious and special."

Okay this is all for today. Thanks for reading again!!!

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初夏のミネソタ (Early Summer in MN)

2019-05-21 11:59:19 | MN生活(9年目) (MN2018-19)
Hi there!

How are you doing today?

So, we had a snow storm in April this year which made the winder feel longer, but it's got gradually warmer after that, and you're fine just in T-shirt on a sunny day lately too.

As the weather gets warmer, we can enjoy more outdoor activites.

Like you probably already know, our family enjoys golf when spring comes.

I assume that for most of the MN golfers, they would start from remembering how their good swing feels like in the beginning of the season every year, and when they finally starts getting it back, the season ends. LOL

Andy and I went to our usual driving range on that day. While we're practicing,

May-chan was hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.

Usually, I stay home with May-chan everyday so want to go out with her as much as possible including shopping or other chores.

Though, I'm not always an energetic mom and can't go out with May-chan every single day, so when I feel that way, I'll just take her out to our back yard.

This was the first time when we played in the yard. She looks sleeping, but

No! I'm awake!! Haha.

On the first day, I just put a cardboard on the ground so that I can put the bouncer on it. Though, I purchased a picnic sheet after this since I thought rhat we would do this stuff more in the future.

The sunlight was very bright, so I put her this hat which was one of maby baby shower gifts.

Yup, it's still too big on her. Haha.

Andy found the deer in our yard the other day and took this nicw pic for me. Yeah, they visit us in winter too.

The weather had been very nice these days, so May-chan and I often had this relaxing yard time.

I usually put a picnic sheet on the ground in between the house shade and the sunlight like this.

Depending on the day, I sometimes put a couple of blankets on the sheet so that May-chan can roll over on them.

I also lie down by May-chan and looked at the beautiful blue sky together.

Probably, I wouldn't do that without May-chan, so it's really nice and grateful for me that May-chan shows me a new perspective of this world.

Again, the sunshine is very bright on a beautiful day here, so I need to relocate May-chan to the shade frequently.

Yup, when she's hungry, she enjoys her meal in the fresh air too!

May-chan seems to hang out in the yard or just outside, and I haven't seen her get grumpy when we play outside like this yet.

It's also very fun to take a walk with May-chan too, but she needs to stay in the stroller most of the time in that way, so I think that it's great for her to play and excercise outside like this too.

What's the best is that May-chan loves it, so I want to let her have this play time under the sun as often as possible before it gets too cold. Haha.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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ベビークラス2回目 (2nd time Baby class)

2019-05-20 12:52:26 | めいちゃん (May-chan)
Hello everyone!

How are you going?

I'm doing great.

The seasonal allergy still brings me runny nose but seems to be over the worst time already.

So, as for the baby class that May-chan and I started taking every Friday since April, I want to write about the 2nd class today.

It's super convenient that the class is held at the location only 5 mins away from our house, and we're the first ones to arive on the day.

Some pairs of parent and baby skipped the class on the week, so there were only 3 moms and babies, new mom & baby girl and familiar mom & baby boy from the 1st class and us.

Just as the 1st class, they put a big blanket on the floor and spreaded tons of toys on it. So, I put May-chan on the blanket when we got to the class.

Then, May-chan started crying probably because it was quite different from her usual play situation. I remember that she cried first in the 1st class too.

But she's still grabbing the toy for sure. Why not? Haha.

She only cried for the first 1 min or so and started having fun with it.

It was a small class even with all the parents and babies registered, and we usually chat about anything you want to talk about with the teacher, assistant or other parents. Also, they teach us some songs or hand plays too. Plus that, they casually provide a discussion topic in each class.

The topic of the week was about baby's temper differences, and we discussed and shared about each other's experience. They said that you could do an easier parenting by knowing your baby's character and considering your own personality.

If I say "discussion", it might sound very serious, but it was actually super casual and easy. The teacher gave us 3 different character categories so that you could choose one that your baby would apply to, so I could talk to them like...

"May-chan is very easy and flexible. We just went to a big party last weekend, and she met many people at once and was in a very noisy place. Though, she didn't mind it at all and seemed to enjoy it. Even when I feed her or put her in bed on a ususal timing, she'd just take it and stay happy."

We shared our experience with everybody in the class.

In the middle of class, the assistant, Ms.B, nicely held May-chan and

she played with her too. May-chan loved playing with Ms. B too. (In this pic, May-chan is curiously watching Ms.K doing a hand play.)

The class is 1 hour and we only attended twice at that time, but I always feel it done very quickly.

Of course, this class is not only a very good opportunity for May-chan to see other babies at her age but also a great refleshing and social time for me. I actually look forward every Friday!

It's very sad that the class ends in May, but I heard that they'll do a similar class in fall and can't wait for it already!

Okay, this is all for today. Thanks for reading again!!!

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きゅうりのキューちゃんみたいなんを作ってみた。 (Homemade pickeled cucumbers in Japanese soy sauce style)

2019-05-18 12:09:58 | MN生活(9年目) (MN2018-19)
Hello there!

How's everything going in your life?

Oh well, me? I was in my period and had to deal with my cramps this week, and Andy was very busy on miscellaneous things and couldn't come home early, so it was physically a tough week for me.

The hard week is over now, May-chan is taking a nap, and Andy and I can do whatever we want to do and enjoy this weekend relaxing time.

So, I happened to eat this pickeled cucumber of the famous Japanese brand after a very long time the other day and liked it a lot more than I expected. So, I was going to buy another package sometime soon, but imported products from Japan are generally way more expensive
here, so I googled recipes similar to the brand one and tried to make it at home since it didn't look that hard.

まずこちらを購入。こちらの一般的なきゅうりはでっかいので、Baby Cucumbersと呼ばれる小さめのきゅうりで作ることにしました。
I bought baby cucumbers since a regular cucumber in the US is too big.

I used this recipe (in Japanese).

I chopped the cucumbers about 1/2 inch think and put some salt on them.

Besides what the recipe says (Soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar), I added a pinch of dried red pepper to it. When the sauce gets boiled, you can put the cucumbers after you squeeze water out as much as possibe from them.

The recipe said that you want to boil and cool it down twice, but I did it 3 times for no reason. Haha.

When it's cooled down, you can put them in a jar or something.

I tried one and thought that it turned out more salty from the soy sauce than the brand one because the recipe was closer to preserved food.

Also, the brand one has more sourness from the vinegar and this homemade one has more soy souce flavor.

But let me say this at least.

It's pretty tasty to me.

If I would say something I didn't like about mine, it was the texture, and I know the reason. When I was working on this, May-chan started being kind of fussy, so I threw all the cucumbers in the pot without squeezing water out of them enough. Haha.

Still, I'm very satisfied that it turned out a perfect rice-buddy flavor.

Now, I know what the recipe tastes like, so it'd be fun and nice to arrange the ratio of the sauce next time.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!

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