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8ヶ月になりました。 (8 months now!)

2019-08-30 11:14:37 | めいちゃん (May-chan)
Hello there!

How are you doing today?


It's already the end of August!!

My Japan trip with May-chan is coming very soon, and I started packing things in my suitcase yesterday. Though, it didn't go as I planned.

I originally planned to bring just 1 suitcase and my backpack with me, but as I was packing stuff in my suitcase, I realized that May-chan's stuff would take more space and weight than I expected.

After I debated on plan B, I decided to bring 2 suitcases and my backpack since I personally prefer carrying 2 lighter suitcases rather than 1 super heavy one. Plus, it's free for me to check in up to 2 luggage.

Basically, I just need to pick both suitcases up at the airport and ship them to my parents' house directly from there, so I don't think that the physical labor would be that different much though the shipping cost will be double.

So, it's been already 1 month, but our lovely daughter, May-chan, turned 8months on July 30th!

I'm feeling that it's already 8months and still 8months since she was born at the same time.

Luckily or not, May-chan's never got fever in her entire life yet probably because she's been home with me.

I'm going to take her to Japan this September, and we're going to stay at my parents' house, which means that 6 people including us live together under the same roof over there. So, I'm a little bit concerned about the possibility that May-chan gets fever for the first time in her life in Japan. (Just in case, I researched pedestrians around my parents' house too.)

In the last couple of months, I had such a hard time to take anniversary pictures with her since she wants to roll over and crawl away, but for the 8th month anniversary photo, she was such an easy girl!(Thank you!)

Though, she was in the mood for licking her foot on the day and didn't want to stop for a while, so...

I moved the sticker to her butt. LOL

She's getting big day by day, but her size is still smaller than the average in the US and still small enough to fit 6months size clothes.

I found her 6th tooth on August 2nd.

Now, she likes to hold something to stand up. She grabs anything to hold her up.

Though, she sometimes loses her balance and falls. I'm not too worried about her falling on carpet floor, but it scares me when she falls on wood floor or bathroom tile floor and could hit her head hard. So, I recently bought this on Amazon.

Yup, it's a head protector. It's a bumblebee and about $10.

This is the day that May-chan rode on a swing for the first time in her life. It was July 21st.

I found out that she really loved riding on a swing at the time, so when I take her out for walk and have enough energy, I try to stop by a park and let her ride on the swing.

I also tried to play with her on the lawn in the park, but...

she just wants to eat the grass or leaves and doesn't move so much. Haha.

Speaking of walk, I started using the stroller seat instead of car seat lately.

My walking style with May-chan is either pushing the stroller or using the strap carrier depending on my condition of the day, but whenever I walked with May-chan in the strap carrier for 40mins 0r so, my body always got very sore in the next morning. (I've been trying to do some training for the Japan trip with May-chan, but it takes a couple of days for my body to get recovered on each training. Haha.)

What else? Yeah, May-chan still loves bath time but now wants to hold the edge of bathtub all the time, so I go in the bathtub with her and get prepared to catch her fall anytime.

I give her solid food twice a day and formula 2-3times a day. She takes a one-hour nap during in the daytime and sleeps for 12 hours or so on the average at night.

Since I started giving her yogurt on every meal, she hasn't had any hard stool like the one made her cry so hard before.

Okay, it became a long article today, but I wanted to record my daughter's growth for myself.

See you for now!! Thanks for reading again!!!

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BMWじゃなかった! (It wasn't BMW!)

2019-08-21 10:44:18 | MN生活(10年目)(MN2019-20)
Hi there!

How are you doing today?

Today, I want to talk about this story 1 month ago. On the day, Andy texted me,

"Hon, do you wanna go to BMW with May-chan tonight? And do you also wanna ask Tom&Kat for dinner too?"


When I checked the text, I thought that he would need to go to a BMW dealer to do some maintenance on the BMW which he just bought." and I hadn't taken May-chan out on the day yet, so I replied,

"Yeah, sure! We'll come with you!"


I thought that it's a good idea to take May-chan out of the house, but I wondered why Andy also specifically asked me if I would wanna have dinner with Tom&Kat that night because I was going to cook something quick at home after we're done with the chore at the BMW dealer. Plus that, we're planning to hang out with Tom&Kat on the next week anyways, so I answered, "Let's skip to ask them for dinner tonight."

Then, Andy's back home from work and we're getting ready to leave. Though, I slightly wondered about the maintenance and asked Andy,

"BTW, what are you gonna have them check at BMW this time?"

Then, Andy was like,


"What do you mean by BMW? We're going to BWW!"


Andyっちは車の会社、BMWじゃなくてBWW(Buffalo Wild Wings)というレストランの話をしてました~。(爆)
Andy was talking about the restaurant, BWW(Buffalo Wild Wings), not the car company, BMW. Haha.

At the moment, I totally understood why Andy asked me if I would want to ask Tom&Kat for dinner too. (We often double date at BWW.)

It's only 30seconds before we left home that I got to know about the real destination. Though, I was so happy to go to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner anyways.

It felt like when you find unexpected money in your pocket. Lucky!

Andy laughed at me believing that we're going to BMW dealer until 30 seconds before we left home.

Here are what we ordered on the day.

Mozzarella sticks



My traditional wings with Asian Zinc as usual

Andy's usual, Garlic something. (I don't remember the name of his usual. Haha)

At BWW, they have lots of TV screens, and May-chan can enjoy them too.

In the middle of our dinner time, May-chan got hungry too, and we all could have dinner at the same time. (Now she can hold a bottle by herself, and it's super helpful!)

It was just an ordinary dinner time at a restaurant, but I was so happy that 3 of us could enjoy dinner out together.

Okay, this is all for today. Thanks for reading again!!!

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めいの米国のパスポートを取る (Get May-chan's US passport)

2019-08-19 08:54:37 | めいちゃん (May-chan)

How's your day going today?

So, I already wrote how much time and energy I needed to get a Japanese passport for May-chan here. Today, I wanto to share my experience that I got a US passport for her here.

Compared to all the work that I needed to get her Japanese passport, the process and paperworks to get her US passport were much easier and less stressful.

The first thing that I did was printing out an application form on this website.

Same as Japanese application, you can either enter your information online and print out the form or print out a blank application form first and fill your information by handwriting.

I personally preferred printing out a blunk form first and then handwriting May-chan's information since I was concerened about the risk to enter May-chan's SSN online.

Here are the documents you need to apply for a US passport.

Application form for children under 16 (FYI, application forms differ in first-time, minor, renewal...)

U.S. Citizenship Evidence and 1 photocopy of it (We used birth certificate.)

Parental Relationship Evidence and 1 photocopy of it (We used birth certificate for this too.)

The parents' ID and 1 photocopy of it (We used our passports.)

Photo (Some passport offices take a photo for you, but I took one at home, editied it online and printed it out at Target.)
Here's こちらの記事 how I took May-chan's passport photo.

The biggest difference when applying for a passport for children under16 between Japan and the US is that both parents must autorize the issuance of the child's passport for US one. And the most simple way to do it is that both parents go to an office with the child in person for the passport.

According to Chicago consulate of Japan's website,

In a few short words, they say that in the US law, when both parents have the custody of the child, it's illegal that one parent takes out the child out of the country without consent from the other parent. Due to the rule, Consulate of Japan in Chicago, they verbally confirm that both parents agree to issue a Japanese passport for the child.

Of course, Andy agreed on me applying for May-chan's Japanese passport. Though, I thought that he would want to be mentally prepared for a call from the Japan consulate so I asked them how and when they would call Andy to get his consent. Then, the person on the phone said, "Oh, we can make this conversation with you as the confirmation, so it'll do." So..., they didn't even need Andy to talk to them. LOL

Just like I said, only in the point of parents' agreement for the issuance of child's passport, the US rule is way more restrict than the one in Japan.

Anyways, when you get all the documants ready, you go to a passport acceptance facility and submit your application.
(When you renew your passport and meet some conditions, you can do the process by mail too.)

To find a facility near you, this online page will help you.

I also searched on the website and found 10 offices within 20miles from my houes.

Still, depending on the office, they only accept applications for first-time or minor, so you want to pay attention if they would accept yours or not.

Luckily, the one closest from our house accepts application for minor, and it was very convenient that I could make an appointment online beforehand too.

As I said above, both Andy and I had to be present to submit the application as May-chan's parents, so I made an appointment on a time that Andy can make after work.

At the office counter, the lady reviewed the application and all the documents at the counter, and we took an oath that the information on the documents were correct.

Speaking of the picture that I took for the passport, May-chan's face on it was a little bit bigger than the standard size. Oops!

So, the lady at the counter asked her boss about it, and thankfully, he said "This should be fine!" (I bet that Japanese office is generally too restrict to accept even such a tiny gap. I really like it when they are very flexible even in the government work.)

They usually take about 6-8weeks to issua a passport, and it's way longer than the procedure to get a Japanese one, 6days at the fastest.

Andy and I submitted the application on July 15th.

I took May-chan to Japan on the first week of September, so we chose to use thier expedited service just in case.

When you use the expedited service, you can cut the process time from 6-8weeks to 2-3weeks!

Of course, you need to pay some money for the privilege.

I could make May-chan's Japanese passport for $55, but it costed $175 for total to make her US passport including the expedited fee. (So expensive!)

The details are $80 for the application fee, $35 for the acceptance fee and $60 for the expedited fee.

Oh well, if I had started working on the application earlier, I could have saved the $60...Too bad.

Anyways, 12days after we submitted the application on July 15th, we could get May-chan's passport on July 27th by mail thanks to the expedited service!!

This is her first US passport!

I'm going to keep this even after it expires for sure.

Okay, this is all how I got May-chan's US passport. Now, she has both passports and are ready for her first trip to Japan!!

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気になっていたガーデンに行ってみた。 (The Garden near our house.)

2019-08-15 13:55:10 | MN生活(10年目)(MN2019-20)
Hello everyone!

How's your day going today?

So, as you probably know, I'm originally lazy and love staying at my sweet home, May-chan has been a big motivation to go out for walk as often as possible.

Well, there's a place with a sign saying "XX garden" near our house and every time Andy and I passed by the sign, we said, "Oh, we should come and check out this place when it gets warmer!!" in winter, "Oh, I wanna come here before the summer's over!" in summer, and in the end of fall, "Oh, we didn't come to this place this year again. We definitely check here out next summer!!" We repeated the same conversations forever. LOL

In other words, we were too lazy to make the real action for the last 9years. Haha.

Though, I finally made my words true in June!!

I was curious to see what the garden looked like and if it'd be good for a walk with May-chan.

What's good is that it has a good size parking space, and they're not busy most of the time. So, I don't have to get any stress to find a spot to park my car at the garden.

This is the view from the entrance.

Just as they named it a garden, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful seasonal flowers there.

I took these pics in June.

The garden is on lake too.

Wow, turtle nesting area! That's awesome!

I don't know what you call it in Japanese, they had this little nice spot on the lake too.

It's in the fishing season, and I saw some people fishing on the lake.

I also some people enjoying the season on the boat too.

There's actually a couple doing a wedding photo shooting in the garden with their friends and families, about 20 people for total.

I took a selfie with May-chan too.

Overall, I liked the garden for sure, but it's better to simply enjoy the beautiful flowers or read a book on the grass than take a walk. The entire garden is very small and kind of too small if you want to walk.

I only took less than 10mins to walk around the entire garden.

So, I'd go there when May-chan starts walking by herself and want to enjoy the flowers together.

For now, I really like walking on a trail with May-chan on a carrier or a stroller, but when May-chan becomes old enough to enjoy walking by herself at her pace, I'd rather go to the garden since I don't have to worry about bike traffic.

Okay, this is all about my recent exploration in the neighborhood. Thanks for reading again!!!

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めいのパスポートを取りに行く。その2 (Pick up May-chan's passport in Iowa vol.2)

2019-08-13 12:12:41 | 旅行日記 (Travel Diaries)
Hi there!

How's your day going?

Okay, this is the final article about May-chan's JPN passport.

After the 4hour drive from our house to Iowa, we safely got to Des Moines and checked in the hotel where the consulate service was held on the next day.

We chilled out in the hotel room for a while and had a casual dinner for the night. One of Andy's co-workers was actually from Iowa and gave Andy an information about this pizza place, so we decided to get pizza from them.

The pizza place was very close to the hotel, so Andy walked there to get pizza for us. Thank you!!

This is what I ordered. They're so generous, and you can get any number of toppings for the same price. So, I chose a lot. Hehe.


I've told this on my blog several times before, but again, I'm not a huge fan of American style pizza. (I love Italian style.) So, I didn't expect so much about their pizza this time, but it's Italian style and became my second favorite pizza in MN!

このピザ屋さんの名前はBlaze Pizza
The place name is Blaze Pizza.

ピザと言えば、ナポリスタイルのPunch Pizzaというお店のピザが一番好きなんですが、生地はちょっとそれには及ばないものの、トッピングの量と質、そして値段を考えると、満足度はこちらのピザの方が勝ちですな。
Speaking of my favorite pizza, it's Punch pizza which is Napolitan style. I do love their pizza dough and their dough is still #1 for me, but Blaze pizza's topping quality is as good as Punch's and the generousity of topping amount is way better than Punch pizza for sure. So, overall including the prices, I'd say Blaze Pizza is more satisfactory for me.

Luckily, there's a Blaze Pizza near our house, and I want to enjoy thier pizza more often from now on.

This is just a rondom chat, but when I was making some coffee in the hotel room, I found this interesting coffee filter.

I think it's counted as a coffee filter and disposal plastic one which I'd never seen before.

You put a pack of coffee ground in the filter and...

inserted it in the coffee maker.

In my personal opinion, coffee in a hotel room doesn't taste so good in general, but this one was pretty good. (I don't remember what the brand was.)

Anyways, both Andy and I were tired from the long drive, we just went to bed that night.

In the next morning, the consulate service started at 9:30am, so before then, we had light breakfast. The hotel had a decent free breakfast service on the 1st floor, so Andy kindly brought me a couple of pastry for me, and I enjoyed them.

Then, May-chan and I went in the meeting room where the consulate service was held and finally could get May-chan's passport in my hand.

In the meantime, Andy was nicely moving all the stuff from the hotel room to our car, so we could check out and leave the hotel shortly after I got the passport.

When we're driving out from downtown, I found the logo of the Wolves and said, "Oh it's Wolves!" and wondered why it's in Iowa. Then, Andy taught me, "Oh yeah, it's Iowa Wolves. They're a NBA minor league team."

I googled about them online at home and learned that the owner of Iowa Wolves is MN Timberwolves, and that's why they used the similar logos.

On this trip, we didn't hang out in the city at all, but I took a couple of pics at least.

So, as for the 4 hour drive back home...,

the weather turned to be getting stormy.

It started raining and...

it became super heavy.

I thought that a movie would be better to show it to you guys here, so here it is.

6/27/2019 Hard rain drive home from Iowa(アイオワからの帰り道)

As for our 7month old daughter, May-chan, she slept the half of the 4hour drive to Iowa, and it was very easy. Though, the way back home didn't go the same.

Apporoximately 3hours of the 4hour drive. she was doing fine by sleeping or drinking milk. We also made a stop at gas station for a quick break. Though, when we get to about 30mins away from our house, she started getting fussy.

She started getting fussy around 30mins away from our house and when we got to around 10mins away, she started crying so hard.

After we fed, changed and entertained her with a couple of toys, she got to the point, "I'm not sleepy! I'm not hungry! I don't wanna sit here anymore!!"

Andy and I kept telling her, "May-chan! Almost there! We'll get home in 10mins!!" Though, the last 10mins felt like forever.

Through us hearing May-chan crying so hard for the last 10mins, we're finally back home. Phew.

Of course, May-chan cries often, but we never made her keep crying for such a long time without doing anything. So, Andy and I gave her a big and strong hug right away after we pulled the car over on the driveway.

We felt super bad for her, but she was back to normal and started playing in a good mood shortly after we put her in the living room.

Anyways, the entire process to get May-chan's passport was kind of thrilling and a little more dramatic than I expected, but I could get her a JPN passport thanks to the support from my family in Japan and Andy.

This is it. I'll definitely keep it even after it expires. Hehe.

The picture that I worked hard on taking at home was approved too. Yay! This passport is good for 5years, and that means this picture is going to be still used when May-chan's 4years old. Haha.

Okay, this is the end of all the story about May-chan's JPN passport. Thank you for reading again!!!

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