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2014年06月30日 11時36分13秒 | 日記
Push-ups:20 times
Walking: 0 minutes
Standing with one leg :10 minutes each
jogging on the spot :0 minutes

It has been three years and 204 days in a row since I kicked smoking.
I was able to keep over one set of 20-time push-ups for the fourteenth consecutive day
and over one set of 15-time push-ups for the nineteenth successive day.
It's normally hot with the predicted highest temperature of 32 degrees.
If I remember right, last year the rainy season ended in Nagoya on July 2nd or so.
I hope it will continue a little longer this year so that clouds can block sunshine.
Here is my memo....Last year on July 7, we, in Nagoya, had days with the highest
temperature of 35 degrees and from July 8 to July 12,...unbelievably....with highest
temperatures of over 37 degrees.