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2014年06月28日 14時17分42秒 | 日記


purportedly :うわさによれば
petty offender :軽犯罪者
Falun Gong :《the ~》法輪功◆李洪志(Li Hongzhi)を教祖とする中国の気功集団
arbitrary detention :恣意的な拘束
scribble :殴り[走り]書きすること
scum :〈軽蔑的〉人間のくず、価値のない人(たち)、つまらないやつ◆集団を指して用いられることがある。

Daily Routine

2014年06月28日 12時29分51秒 | 日記
Push-ups:20 times
Walking: 20 minutes
Standing with one leg :10 minutes each
jogging on the spot :0 minutes

I was able to keep no-smoking for three years and 202 days in a row.
Simply because I didn't feel like doing the second round of push-ups, I did only one set
of 20-time push-ups and kept over one set of 15 times of them for the 17th successive day.
It's cloudy, I feel, and sometimes sunny, but actually I feel it's abnormally muggy.
It must be very lucky for me that the predicted highest temperature will be some 27 degrees.
I drank low-malt beer or Happoshu in Japanese last night for the first time in a very very
long time and I felt it's actually not better than regular beer, I felt.