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2014年06月04日 16時33分34秒 | 日記


incandescent :白熱する、高温で光る
gripping :しっかりつかむ、人の心をしっかりつかまえる、人を魅了する、興味を引く、とても面白い
dark tourism :追悼の旅◆事件や災害の現場を訪れて死者を追悼する旅。
mute :口の利けない人、言葉が不自由な人
gaze in awe at :~を恐れおののいて凝視する
inbound :入ってくる、到着する、入庫の、帰航の、本国行きの

Daily Routine

2014年06月04日 12時20分58秒 | 日記
Push-ups:20+20 times
Walking: 0 minutes
Standing with one leg :10 minutes each
jogging on the spot :0 minutes

I have kept no-smoking for three years and 178 days in a row.
I was able to keep two sets of 20-time push-ups for the second straight day and over one
set of 15-time push-ups for the twelfth consecutive day.
Very sadly, I've got a pain in my left low back for the first time in a long time.
It would be better to buy some plaster or wet pack, I'm afraid.
Because of the pain and today's cloudy weather with a chance of rain, I've decided to stop
doing any walking although I was planning a middle-distance walking.