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2017年03月21日 12時54分24秒 | 日記
Push-ups :22 times
Walking :0 minutes
Standing on one foot :10 minutes each
Cigarettes :0
jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

I have succeeded in preventing myself from smoking for six years and one hundred and two days in a row.
I was able to keep over 17-time push-ups for the forty-ninth straight day
including the most recent three days of 22 times of them.

It's been raining since midnight and now it's cold with the predicted
highest temperature of only 10 degrees.
But actually weather forecasts say such a cold day will be the last.
So, I think I can bear the cold weather.
I've heard Tokyo is highly likely to issue before long that cherry trees
come into bloom there.
And I really hope Nagoya will follow suit pretty soon.
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