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2017年06月09日 17時44分34秒 | 日記
Push-ups :23 times
Walking :40+40=1 hour 20 minutes minutes
Standing on one foot :10 minutes each
Cigarettes :0
jogging-on-the-spot :0 minutes

Six years and one hundred and eighty-two days in a row have passed since I broke free from smoking.
I was able to keep at least 16-time push-ups for the one hundred and twenty-ninth
straight day including the most recent eight days of 23 times.

It's greatly sunny again in Nagoya and actually it's hot with the predicted highest
temperature of over 30 degrees.
The callous people at last has been occupying 90% of the common space, putting
a bike, a large iron trash box, a broken chair, many cans of cooking oil,
piles of cardboard and laundry.....How callous they are!
I really want them to disappear NOW.
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