オサンポ walk - ムクドリ・オン・もみの木 grey starlings on a fir tree

2017年07月31日 | 日記

In the summer morning
Many grey starling stay at
The fir tree

ムクドリももみの木も、多分ソージャナイカ? です。すみません。写真には写らなかったですが、もみの木の先端辺りで出たり入ったり、ムクドリのような小鳥たちが鳴きながら飛び交っていました。何してたんでしょう?

I'm not sure if they would be grey starling and fir tree. It's difficult for me to identify them. There are no grey starling in the photo, but they were flying and singing, came in and out of, at around the top of tree. What were they doing?

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

美術館 art museum - 「ボストン美術館の至宝展」Great Collectors: Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

2017年07月30日 | 日記

I went to Boston
Saw many fine arts

この展覧会は、7つのテーマを持っていて、それぞれテーマごとの「至宝」たちが日本にやって来ているようですが、その中でなんと言っても一番感動(驚愕?)したのが、(実は)人生初ゴッホ!(だった!ナマゴッホ!)の、「ルーラン夫妻」でした。"ツッコミどころ満載"のこの二つの絵画、ちょーイチオシ!です! (なぜ "ツッコミどころ満載"かは後日に。ゴッホに詳しい方はそんなのジョーシキ、なのかもですが、ゴッホの絵がウン十億、片耳切り落とした、生前は一枚しか絵が売れんかった、くらいしか知らんかったモンには衝撃でした…。要は「ゴッホの絵」とまともに向き合ったことがナカッタんですな)。


Well, actually, I WENT to the exhibition of Great Collectors: Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I've got a freed ticket from the company, there is some reasons, I will tell you about that later.
The exhibition has seven categories for their arts, such as Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese and so on. The most surprising and impressed arts are two paintings that were drawn by Gogh. They are "Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin" and "His wife". Those paintings...I've never seen them, nor I've never seen Gogh's other paintings in my life. It was the first time. I've just learned about him when I was student. I know some information about him, his paintings are extremely expensive!!! He could sell only one his painting when he was alive. He cut his ear by himself... I haven't faced to his paintings, I realised. Well, my impressions for his two ones... I found that there are so many things I can point out. I can tell you, later.

The photo above, it is a board display for taking photo with that. You can photograph with them. You will find it when you come out of the souvenir shop. I prefer to... how can I say, you may know about that, there is holes on their faces, we can put our faces in that, pretending as if they are.

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

オサンポ walk - ハローキティ Hello, Kitty (ワーク編 working)

2017年07月29日 | 日記

Hello Kitty
I'm working hard
Even it's hot summer

ガテン系のお仕事もこなすのね〜! 暑い時期は水分もちゃんと取ってね〜!

Wow, Kitty, you are working outside, with a road-construction! You're such a hard-working! Please, take a water break frequently, now we're having a crazy hot summer!

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

オサンポ walk - 落語rakugo (夏) one story of comic story telling (summer)

2017年07月28日 | 日記

A comic story telling
We laughed at
The performer (rakugo-ka)

まあ、普通は笑うと温度が上がる、かもですが。この場合は、笑って気持ちスッキリ的で、涼しさ感じる(感じたい)、みたいな。(?) 昨日みたいな気温だったら夏もオーケーなんですけど。(?)←これは削除

Usually, it would be turned up a temperature, when we laugh. In case, laughing would make good feelings, so we could be cooler down. (?)(We would like to do so) Yesterday, we had the lower temperature, comfortable. I only like this summer. (?)←delete
*The second story is "Natsu-doro"(a theft in summer). The performer, Gokaidoh Kumosuke"
(Kumosuke is first name), has nice humour to tell this story. I enjoyed myself very much.

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

オサンポ walk - スキマ草 : 壁の穴 a hole of the wall

2017年07月27日 | 日記

The hole of the wall
We, Sukima-soh have been
Living in

穴があったら入りたい…。(?) この場合は、偶然穴にハマリ込んだ。(?) 住んでみたら快適だった。(?) なんでここに穴が。(?) 色んな偶然が重なった。(?)

I'd like to put myself in the hole...(?) In case, this Sukima-soh (oxalis?) got in the hole by accident. (?) It's so comfortable to live here. (?) Why is there the hole? (?) Many things might have made this hole. (?)
I love "Sukima-soh", anyway, I like to see this kind of scenery. (?)←delete

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

日乗 diary - 落としモノ 手袋134 lost glove134

2017年07月26日 | 日記

It's July
A thick odd glove
Has been dropped


I guess it's for some work. Well, about gloves, we can see any types of gloves through a year. It must be necessary for our daily lives.

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

オサンポ walk - 蝉セミ : 脱皮蝉 shed a cicada's old skin

2017年07月25日 | 日記

An exuvia of cicada
On the telephone pole
With the claws

ニンゲンの目だと電信柱の肌? 表面はなんの突起もないつるっとした印象を持ちますが、セミにとっては「ある」んですね〜。この「なんの引っ掛かりもなく」見えるところに、この「爪」の先をチョンっと引っ掛けて(ホントにどうやって??) 、羽化をしている数時間、羽根が乾く間カラダを支え、役目が終わってもまだ引っ掛かっている、この「爪」が、すごいですか。きっと、この「爪」がとても重要で、命に関わってくるから(羽化中に落ちちゃったらやっぱダメなんでしょうか) なのでそれだけ機能的に出来ている、ということなんでしょうか。ね。いやー感心感心しきりしきりです。

The above photo is not clear but the under photo, you might know about its claw.
For our eyes, it's difficult to find any something like nub? on surface of telephone pole. But for cicadas, even tiny something, there is. I'm impressed about their claws, they can catch them, and also supporting their bodies during emergence. I noticed that, how important their claws are. If they drop down from the tree during the time, they would be bead? Yes, it's very important and strong. The claws have been still supporting after finishing emergence. Their claws are very functional! Wonderful!

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

オサンポ walk - 蝉セミ : 幼虫 a baby cicada

2017年07月24日 | 日記
這い出てくる 蝉

A baby cicada
Coming out of the land
In midsummer's night

街灯に照らされて、二つの目ん玉が光っているように見えますね? なにかのアニメキャラに似てたりしますか?? 実はこのセミ、歩道に出ちゃっていたのでむんずと掴み、すぐそばの木の枝に載せたんです。よーく見たらダメだと思うのですが、夜陰に乗じてなら平気さ…。

He(she?) has got two eyes that received the street lamps then shining? It's similar to some cartoon characters?? Well, he was walking on the footpath (I was worried if someone stepped over), I grabbed him then put on the branch near here. Honestly, I wouldn't be good at doing that, if I directly looked at him, but if it's night, I would be ok...

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.

日乗 diary - 落としモノ 手袋133 lost glove133

2017年07月23日 | 日記

At summer night
There is a dropped glove
That has a remains of work hard

It seems for some work.

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.


オサンポ walk - 七月西日自転車 some bicycles got the evening sun in June

2017年07月22日 | 日記

The evening sun lighting
On the bicycle
Giving a shadow of it on the wall


It's so strong evening sun, I wouldn't like it. I wouldn't like it, but I'm impressed about their ability to create shadows. I felt something good with it (the moment in the photo) so I photographed. However, it was too bright to my eyes. I wouldn't like it.

*I'm not sure if my English grammars' are correct.