Is Reality negotiable?

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トランプ誕生の原因についての議論は活発だけど、デリダの脱構築のせいにした議論は初めて読んだw https://www.wsj.com/articles/do-we-still-want-the-west-1487635725 …

The United States has elected as president a man who has repeatedly voiced his disdain for NATO, the World Trade Organization and other institutions of the Western-led world order. He publicly calls the press “an enemy of the American people” and conjures conspiracy theories about voter fraud whose only purpose is to lend credence to his claim that the system is rigged. He is our first post-rational president, whose approach to questions of fact recalls the deconstructionism of the late Jacques Derrida: There are no truths; reality is negotiable.


トランプの手法は、recalls the deconstructionism デリダの脱構築を彷彿とさせる、ということだろうーーそれはその通りだと思うし、以前、私も指摘したことがある。

デリダは真実はない、と言っているわけではないが、ポストモダンが、実用性や有意義な物語のほうを重視して、真実や実在の概念をどうでもいいか、少なくとも、乗り越えようとしていたのはたしかで、post modern, post-truth, reality well lostは一蓮托生のものだろう。


There was a time when the West knew what it was about. It did so because it thought about itself—often in freshman Western Civ classes. It understood that its moral foundations had been laid in Jerusalem; its philosophical ones in Athens; its legal ones in Rome. It treated with reverence concepts of reason and revelation, freedom and responsibility, whose contradictions it learned to harmonize and harness over time. It believed in the excellence of its music and literature, and in the superiority of its political ideals. It was not ashamed of its prosperity. If it was arrogant and sinful, as all civilizations are, it also had a tradition of remorse and doubt to temper its edges and broaden its horizons. It cultivated the virtue of skepticism while avoiding the temptation of cynicism.

And it believed all of this was worth defending—in classrooms and newspapers and statehouses and battlefields.

We’ve since raised generations to believe none of this, only to be shocked by the rise of anti-Western politics. If you want children to learn the values of a civilization that can immunize them from a Trump, a Le Pen or a Lavrov, you can start by teaching it.



USA is the country most are concerned about.

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すぐできる、自分を魅力的に見せる6つの方法 http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/scientific-ways-to-instantly-make-yourself-more-attractive-a7588266.html … ★グループで過ごす(チアリーダー効果。外見の悪い人ほど効果大) ★閉店間際の店に滞留(絵になる) ★笑顔を増やす ★赤い服を着る ★(女性限定)声を高くする ★質の高いユーモアを心がける

Hang out in groups

You look better with your friends than you do on your own, psychological scientists have found. The phenomenon known as the "cheerleader effect" happens because the human brain tends to average the faces of people in a group rather than seeing them as individual subjects. This benefits people with less attractive physical features.



Instill a sense of patriotism amongst students

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Mighty Jack

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かつ、多くの州で教師と生徒にはそれを拒否する権利が与えられている。Mighty Jackさんが追加
buvery @buvery
RT @Mightyjack1: 学校での国旗・国歌の扱い
イギリス: 学校行事では掲揚せず歌わない。
カナダ: 国旗も国歌も学校と特定の関係が見られ無い。…

Why Do We Say the Pledge of Allegiance in School?

In America, one of the key cornerstones of an educational day can be saying the pledge of allegiance in school. For many, it is one of the main tasks which is completed at the beginning of the day.

So - the main reason that the pledge of allegiance is said in schools is to instill a sense of patriotism amongst students.


Do all American children recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily at school?
8 Answers
Katie Bremer
Katie Bremer, grew up in America
Updated Apr 8, 2013

But a lot of them do. About half of the US states require the pledge to be recited. Now, kids can opt out, but social pressure and occasional threats from teachers encourage them not to. This is case-by-case and depends on the school, the student, and the teacher; legally no one is required to recite the pledge.

Ian Remsen, Academic knowledge-seeker, amateur fool looking to go pro
Written Jul 4, 2015
Yes, for the vast majority of students. You can choose not to, and no one's forcing you to, but you're generally seen as 'edgy' by students and 'disrespectful' by teachers. What you can't do is get up and leave the room, or disrupt the proceedings.




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ここらへんはわからないでもないのだが、 法案に「賛成」が46%というのはわからんな。


Congratulation me! Yay!”

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”I am very angry at the media. They are so rude, they are so ignorant.”

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“I’m very pleased with what he is doing. I think he’s a true American. He has shown he can make money, I hope he can make peace,” said Joyce Boyner, 75, who was taking an evening walk.

“And I am very angry at the media. They are so rude, they are so ignorant. They way they argue with him, and think they know better than him.”

“Damn right he is shaking it up. He’s not Democrat, he’s not Republican,” he said. “That is why people voted for him.”



Jeff Kingston is NOT an expert on Japan

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The list of journalists and commentators who are Sex Slave Deniarsの続き。

Rightists distort author Park Yu-ha’s views on ‘comfort women’


Based on Korean comfort women’s testimony, Park believes that recruitment was largely based on deception rather than coercion



This is why Right wingers often quote Park Yu-ha’s views

The point of the dispute was whether Korean women were "forced" into prostitution by Japanese military
Asahi and Korean media---and most of English media also---used to claim that the recruitment was coercion by Japanese military.
Asahi turned out to be wrong. *1

but she believes the consequences for all these women were horrific; none were free to leave once recruited and all were subject to military discipline.


Even the statement by right wingers admit it.

Sakurai and other Japan conference folks.

Sadly, many women were made to suffer severe hardships during the wretched era during World War II, and it is with profound regret that we contemplate this tragic historical reality.


As Prime Minister of Japan, I thus extend anew my most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women


I am deeply pained to think about the ‘comfort women’ who experienced immeasurable pain and suffering as a result of victimization due to human trafficking

Practically none were free to leave the job and they continued to work as "comfort women" for U.S. soldiers recruited by Korean government after Japanese military left.

And for Japanese deniers, she inconveniently points out that “it appears that recruiters were often pairs of Japanese and Korean men.”

That's not inconvenient for Japanese right wingers: they know there were Japanese recruiters.

That's inconvenient for Koreans who claim as if they were innocent.

The comfort stations were closely monitored by the Japanese military

That's not secret. Again. U.S. document which right wingers are more than happy to cite confirms it;
The conditions under which they transacted business were regulated by the Army, and in congested areas regulations were strictly enforced. The Army found it necessary in congested areas to install a system of prices, priorities, and schedules for the various units operating in a particular areas.

Note also comfort stations for U.S. soldiers in Korea were also closely monitored by U.S. military: The military feared the spread of STD.

Kingston---I guess I can validly call him a American nationalistーーー conveniently ignores the fact that the similar situation continued even after Japanese military left: afterwards, they were forced to serve for U.S. military servicemen.

Despite the fact that former Korean comfort women for U.S. military asked for help, most of U.S. media and expats who blame Japan for sex slaves remain silent, leaving Korean female victims hopeless.

Japanese scholars and journalists had been critical of their government and spoke up against it. The consequence is the establishment of The Asian Women's Fund and the apologies by prime ministers.

Why is it American scholars and journalists keep trying to hide and deny the dark truth about Asian Sex Slaves for U.S. soldiers while blaming Japan ?

Most of American expats are as much nationalistic as Nippon Kaigi guys;though, they are unaware of it.

Lastly I doubt JEFF KINGSTON can read Japanese texts and communicate in Japanese well enough: almost all of the documents he cites are articles in English, he makes such misleading statements that he wouldn't if he could read and write Japanese texts and I've never heard of him speaking and writing in Japanese.

Journalists who write on Japan---you don't have to write an article in favor of Japan.
But please check the facts and restore the sense of fairness and justice in journalism, please.


* 1 But note that there were individual cases where women were kidnapped ;however, Japanese police or military cracked down on the crimes.


Modern-Day Comfort Women:
The U.S. Military, Transnational Crime,
and the Trafficking of Women

Kingston's ridiculous misinterpretation and whitewashing history

Kingston distorts Park Yu-ha's view on comfort women

It is least likely that Jeff Kingston&Jake Adelstein are reading Japanese documents.

President Park should publicly apologize for South Korea's sexual violence

Former Sex Slave: "I see the light but nobody helps"

Korean government controlled Sex Slaves for U.S. military

MUST READ: How the American mainstream operates according to a hierarchy of victims.

Bruce Cumings: Really s>ome of the former comfort women feeling themselves completely ruined and unable to return to their families became prostitutes for the American military after world war two. It was such a degraded situation under the American occupation in the Korean war that a friend of mine who served in the Korean war said on Friday night they would bring in a half ton truck full of 150 women and they would be in a movie house having sex. These undoubtedly included women who were comfort women for the Japanese army

Japanese Comfort women for GIs in Japan under the Occupation
See also « Back The Military-Sexual Complex: Prostitution, Disease and the Boundaries of Empire during the Philippine-American War Paul A. Kramer Military Prostitution and the U.S. Military in Asia Katharine H.S. Moon Against our will below Testimony:GHQ ordered to recruit women and set up comfort station
Yuki Tanaka on sexual violence by the occupational force

Comfort women at Sin Cities for GIs during Vietnam War.

It is not interpretation; it is just speculation or conspiracy theory by JEFF KINGSTON

The Scars of War: Vietnam Comfort Women for Korean and American soldiers.

Why Has South Korea Still Not Apologized to the Vietnam Comfort Women?

Don't assume JEFF KINGSTON is reading Japanese newspaper

The article Kingstone and foreign journalists don't want to readーーSex Slavery and Rape in Okinawa

Don't ask Kingston;he is not an expert.

Kingston and Tabuchi will ignore this atrocity by U.S. military again

All Korean prostitutes were volunteers or had been sold by their parents

you must never criticize soldiers and veterans, it’s absolutely forbidden

JEFF KINGSTON is a bit like Donald Trump

Sex Slaves Stations were run by Korean agents

South Korea should publicly apologize for its sex slavery and sexual violence

South Korea Illegally Held Prostitutes Who Catered to G.I.s Decades Ago, Court Says - The New York Times

McCurry (guardian) is a blatant liar

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McCurry is talking about Korean comfort women here.

Let me note first that the Korean victims' testimonies were produced many years later after the war. Therefore, to quote from True Stories of the Korean Comfort Women

many can faintly remember the sufferings they endured.


1)Yoshimi 吉見 従軍慰安婦


2 朝鮮からの場合

2)Hata 秦 郁彦 慰安婦と戦場の性(p192)


3)Park Yuha

When I examined the initial testimonies of former Korean comfort women, none of them claimed she was coerced by the Japanese military. The majority of the Korean women were sold by their fathers to the comfort station owners. Some Korean women were recruited on false pretenses by the Korean comfort station owners. Other Korean women were in the world's oldest profession, and they did volunteer to earn good money.

4)Sarah Soh

According to San Francisco State Professor Sarah Soh (author of the book The Comfort Women), women initially offered various explanations for working at comfort stations, such as supporting their families economically or escaping overbearing parents. Some women suffered abuse; others experienced more supportive conditions. Soh argues that all the women should freely share their experiences, without pressure to conform to the nationalist, anti-Japan narrative. She gives voice to the many types of comfort women, including the 61 who accepted the 1994 Asian Women’s Fund and were therefore branded traitors by activists.

5)Yuki Tanaka Japan's Comfort Women

most ”recruiting" seems to have been done by local Korean sub-contractor....
The most common expedient used in Korea was deceit --false promise of employment in Japan or in other Japanese occupied territories.(p38)

6)ATIS Research Reports No. 120 Amenities in the Japanese Armed Force, Nov. 15, 1945,

The contract they signed bound them to Army regulations and to war for the "house master " for a period of from six months to a year depending on the family debt for which they were advanced




”The story of the comfort women has often been distorted by Japan’s former adversaries ”

Don't assume McCurry(guardian) is reading Japanese newspaper.

McCurry does not report the reality of Okinawa


David McNeill doesn't fact-check comfort women issue while he let the U.S. military get away

McCurry's interpretation is difficult to justify,

Justin Mccurry lied again.

Economist has no idea about what has been happening between Japan and Korea.



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反トランプの移民デモ、参加者100人以上がクビに。「移民のいない日」理解されず http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/2017/02/20/immigrants_n_14871236.html … 残念な話ではあるけど、労働組合のような組織がバックにないとこうなってしまいますよね。



随意雇用、at-will 雇用(英語 at-will employment, employment at will)とはアメリカ合衆国労働法(英語版)の用語であり、期間の定めのない雇用契約は雇用者・被用者のどちらからでも・いつでも・いかなる理由でも・理由がなくても自由に解約できるという原則のことである





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