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昼遊び寝ぼけ狸 Le blaireau japonais

2019-07-28 12:26:16 | birds, fish and others(生物)

190531022rx6.jpg  ISO 125 200mm f4.5 1/500s

C'est le deuxième rencontre avec le blaireau Japonais dans le chemin de fer.  Le première était près de la gare Shinagawa quand je ne pouvais pas prendre la photographie.

D'après le livre, «Being a beast», le blaireau marchant en plein jour est comme les gars jouent dans le ville pendant la nuit .  Ce type paraît agir en somnambule.

This is the second rencontre to badger in the railroad.  The first chance to take its picture was very long ago near the Shinagawa station (one of the main big stations in the central Tokyo area) in vain.  I and the animal freezed each other with a few yards for a while.  When I tried to take out my camera in my pocket, the action made the one get back himself to turn around in the bush.

According to "Being a beast ", badgers in the daytime look like young ones playing around the town in the night.  It seems to me this fellow getting a little sleepy.

(豊田電車区武蔵小金井派出、Koganei city, Tokyo)


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Unknown (iwamoto)
2019-07-28 15:42:03

It's usual thing. (Cakeater)
2019-09-30 18:40:30
Many wild lives visit towns to find the foods.
We throw almost volume of food out from our kitchens. They love to take those to eat and make up their mind to live us together. haha

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