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Three Sentences (218)

2018年01月31日 12時11分19秒 | Weblog

Three example sentences of my own composition

        あとは~するだけだ :It only remains for 人 to do

① It only remained for her to wait for her husband to come home.

② It only remains for me now to tell my wife the truth.

③ It only remained for police to find the deadly weapon.



2018年01月29日 12時24分13秒 | Weblog

Call the police and tell them you have been robbed.

Hello, my house was broken into by someone
and I want police officers to come to my house.
And could you tell me what I should do before officers arrive here?



2018年01月27日 12時27分57秒 | Weblog

もしどうしてもと言うのなら :If you insist, SV
病気が悪化したとしても :Even if you have new sympoms,
オーバーブッキングする :oversell
さわやかな風 :the pleasant wind
~のリスクを減らす :reduce risk of ~
それは~によって多種多様だ :It varies a great deal depending on ~


Today's Writing (324)

2018年01月25日 12時38分13秒 | Weblog

I would like to say in a loud voice, "Look at starts!"

It is when you look up at the universe and get surprised at its mystery

that you can notice the dignity of your irreplaceable self.


Three Sentences (217)

2018年01月23日 12時34分44秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        もの心ついてから :since I can remember

① I have wanted to get married to her since I can remember.

② Ever since I can remember, I have been learning to play the piano.

③ Since I can remember, there have been so many refugees in my hometown.


2018年01月21日 12時29分27秒 | Weblog
Do you have any plans for the Golden Week holidays this year?

Well, actually, I don't have any special plans now.
But if weather permits and I think I'm ready, I'd like to do a long-distance walking.
Last year, I walked 24 kilometers from my workplace to JR Kuwana Station,
which took four hours of walking time and one and a half hours of break time.
And this year, if possible, I'd like to walk to another place.


2018年01月19日 12時07分08秒 | Weblog
~をめくる、はね上げる :flip up ~
上半身裸になる :strip to the waist
新緑 :new green leaves
もし準備ができていれば :If I think I am ready, SV
~にだまされている :be manipulated by ~
それについて心配だ :I have concerns about it.

Today's Writing (323)

2018年01月17日 12時49分25秒 | Weblog
Personality is something lambent which comes out as a result of dedicated efforts
to do something valuable with might and main.


2018年01月15日 12時14分07秒 | Weblog
Say good-bye to a good friend of yours who is returning to her own country.

I was surprised to hear that you're going back to your home country today.
I had a great time with you and really appreciate all your support.
I'll miss you after you are gone, but I'm sure this is the best decision for you.
Please take great care of yourself.


2018年01月13日 12時25分37秒 | Weblog
鎮痛剤 :a painkiller
皆勤賞 :a prize for perfect attendance
~で有利になる :have an advantage in ~
授業を受ける :take classes
教員採用試験 :a Japanese teaching staff examination
ある一定レベルの~ :a certain level of ~