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Three Sentences (154)

2016年01月31日 17時41分51秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        ちなみに、一応お知らせまでに言うと :just to let you know

① Just to let you know she has feelings for you.

② Just to let you know, I will be in charge of this class.

③ Just to let you know what color ranked first, it was white and second was pink.


2016年01月29日 13時13分16秒 | Weblog
What's your plan for tomorrow?

Well, unfortunately, tomorrow is my workday
and I'll do my best to offer great service to my clients.
If I can get a great sense of fulfillment, I think I will get some beer.
This is a small reward to give myself.

Today's Writing (260)

2016年01月27日 13時23分58秒 | Weblog
The great writer from Shimane prefecture, Ohgai Mori, says,
"What you must not lose as long as you have breath is "hope".


2016年01月25日 17時34分12秒 | Weblog
What would you do if you won a large amount of money in the lottery?
Describe details and examples in your response. (Response Time:45 seconds)

If I won a large amount of money, I would do two things.
Firstly, I would start studying for college entrance examinations.
One of my dreams is to go to college again and go on to graduate school
to write academic papers on the subject of the relation between abuse and various human activities.
Secondly, I would hire a first-class novelist in order to self-publish my autobiographical novel.
Because the book will allow me to show my appreciation to those who have supported and encouraged me.
And consequently, I can leave their names for ever.


2016年01月23日 14時54分53秒 | Weblog
Which country would you like to live in
if you had to leave the country you are currently living in?

Well, I'd like to live in Orange County in California in the US.
I drove to Orange County just one time during my overseas study in LA.
I remember that time very well.
I instantly fell in love with the weather there.
It was really crisp and the sunshine was so lovely that I felt
as if I were wrapped in its warmth.
And actually I felt I would like to die in such a place.


2016年01月21日 17時33分25秒 | Weblog
What is your tip to stay healthy?

Well, my tip to keep myself healthy is to do walking.
I make a point of walking as much as possible.
For example, I usually do a total of over 80 minute walking
at least three times a week.
And once a year, I walk 24 kilometers, which takes four hours
of walking time and one and a half hours of break time.
Anyway, I've learned from a doctor that 40 minutes of daily walking
has preventive effect except infection disease.
So, I recommend walking.

Three Sentences (153)

2016年01月19日 12時47分29秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        気持ちを切り替える、諦めをつける、ふんぎりをつける :move on

① She is not the only girl in the world. Let's move on.

② Move on, or you will stay miserable.

③ I think the best thing for you to do is move on.


2016年01月17日 12時45分45秒 | Weblog
What do you think can be a good gift for your parents
on their 25th wedding anniversary?

Well, I think an inexpensive gift would be better because my mother is sure
to get worried about my financial burden if I give an expensive one.
So, personally, I think silver anniversary cake is the best.
Both of my parents have a sweet tooth.

Today's Writing (259)

2016年01月15日 13時01分07秒 | Weblog
Crazy drivers have to know they have been shortening the longevity of many people.
Crazy drivers have to become aware that they are taking their time to kill many people,
therefore, they are serial killers.
This idea should be popularized.


2016年01月13日 13時07分47秒 | Weblog
Some people prefer to work for a large company.
Others prefer to work for a small company.
Which would you think is better?
State your opinion including reasons and details. (Response Time:45 seconds)

I think working for a large company is better for two reasons.
Firstly, there are more opportunities for workers to develop their job skills.
Because, generally speaking, large companies provide them with various types of
on-the-job training.
Secondly, working for a large company allows you to work in a stable working environment
in terms of corporate compliance and ethics as well as employment stability.
Because a large labor union usually conducts collective bargaining
about improvement of working conditions.
As a result, it's unlikely that you will get worried about unfair discharge,
sexual harassment, unpaid overtime and so on.