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Three Sentences (4)

2013年02月28日 19時37分33秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

       It is inconsiderate of 人 to do :人が do するのは無神経だ

① It must be inconsiderate of workers to leave some fibreboard containers in the doorway.

② It's very inconsiderate of a driver to accelerate a car when passing close to pedestrians.

③ It's unbelievably inconsiderate of parents to be jealous of their children's happiness.

Today's Writing (108)

2013年02月25日 17時53分41秒 | Weblog
Difficulities are the beginning of a drama.
Hesitation is the first step for challenge.
Struggle exists to generate inspirational life.

Three Sentences (3)

2013年02月23日 15時06分50秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

       struggle with ~と苦闘する、~に取り組む、~に苦しむ

① I've been struggling with my negative attitude.

② I must struggle with not gaining weight even though I cannot lose weight.

③ Japanese home appliance makers are struggling with their loss-making TV business.

Today's Writing (107)

2013年02月20日 18時04分28秒 | Weblog
Mr. Whitman, who is one of the world's greatest poets, says,
"The greater a necessary reform is, the nobler a reformist's character has to be."

Three Sentences (2)

2013年02月18日 14時28分21秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

       try to find ways to do ~する方法を模索する

① I've been trying to find ways to improve my English speaking skills.

② How long have you been trying to find ways to make enough time to read books?

③ We may have to try to find ways to get along with wild plants and animals.

Today's Writing (106)

2013年02月15日 15時45分36秒 | Weblog
Japanese photographer Mr. Yoshikazu Shirakawa, who issued a photo collection of
"Eternal Japan", gives young people a suggestion.

"Try looking at the rising sun after you get up early in the morning and looking at
the setting sun in the evening, and you will be able to think about various things."

Three Sentences (1)

2013年02月13日 14時26分15秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

       off the charts :とてつもない、計れないほど大きい

① The damage caused by the 3.11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami is off the charts.

② The air pollution in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture used to be off the charts.

③ The cash prize from the famous government-run lottery was off the charts.

Today's Writing (105)

2013年02月10日 19時29分35秒 | Weblog
One of the world's greatest philosophers in history, Plato, says,
"Persons of injustice will never fail to become laughingstock at the end."

Today's Writing (104)

2013年02月05日 16時37分45秒 | Weblog
Mr. Kouichi Oumi, president of Ishinomaki Hibi Newspaper, says,
"I am not a journalist but a localist."

Localists are those who love their respective local communities
and contribute something to them.

After his firm was submerged by tsunami, he issued six pieces of wall newspaper
and inspired courage in Ishinomaki and spread empathy across the world.