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Today's Writing (212)

2014年10月31日 18時03分00秒 | Weblog
Ballet dancer Misa Kuranaga says,
"To meet my own mentor equals to meet my own fate.
The mentor doubles or triples my own abilities
and is the most important and absolutely necessary one."

Three Sentences (106)

2014年10月26日 18時21分55秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        よろこんで~させていただきます :I would be happy to do

① I would be happy to inform you of details of our company's service.

② My wife would be happy to attend your wedding reception.

③ I would be happy to have any job in cooperation with you.

Today's Writing (211)

2014年10月21日 17時19分23秒 | Weblog
It's not true that you have a sense of gratitude because you are happy.
It's true that you become happy because you can have a sense of gratitude.

Three Sentences (105)

2014年10月16日 18時23分18秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        もしお望みなら、よろしければ :if you prefer

① If you prefer, I will tell you why she was absent from the meeting.

② If you prefer, you can add some more sugar to your coffee.

③ If you prefer a quiet meal, I'll recommend a good restaurant.

Today's Writing (210)

2014年10月11日 14時04分40秒 | Weblog
Ms. Ami Sano, the author of "A limbless cheerleader", says,
"There is no one but has a role."

Three Sentences (104)

2014年10月06日 17時41分03秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        差し支えなければ :If you don't mind, SV

① If you don't mind, please tell me why you were absent from the party.

② If you don't mind, we very much prefer cash to credit.

③ If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about my suggestion.

Today's Writing (209)

2014年10月01日 19時13分59秒 | Weblog
When you have fun, you will laugh.
It's also true that you will have fun because you laugh.