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Three Sentences (164)

2016年05月30日 12時12分08秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        関連ある全ての~ :a full range of ~

① You can buy a full range of diving equipment at that store.

② They couldn't discuss the full range of relevant issues at the three-day meeting.

③ Our hotel has to provide a full range of services to our guests.


2016年05月28日 17時41分45秒 | Weblog
Why did you start learning English?

I started learning English in earnest when I was a junior high school student,
simply because it was a school subject.
But the main reason for this is that a good command of a foreign language
was my dream in those days.

Today's Writing (270)

2016年05月26日 13時37分56秒 | Weblog
A literary giant, Romain Rolland, says, "The most important thing is not to get tired of hoping or living."


2016年05月24日 18時18分36秒 | Weblog
What country would you like to visit?
Use specific reasons in your response.

The country I'd like to visit is Australia for two reasons.
Firstly, Australia is abundant in intact nature and wildlife.
For example, the Great Barrier Reef is world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty
and its abundance of marine life.
Also, I can enjoy seeing Australian native animals in the wild such as kangaroos and koalas.
Secondly, I'd like to visit a facility to learn and experience Aboriginal culture.
Because it's the most ancient culture in existence on earth.
It'll be an exciting time to be exposed to the real things of Aboriginal art, music, dance, foods and so on.


2016年05月22日 12時44分18秒 | Weblog
What kind of exercise do you usually do?

I make a point of walking as much as possible.
For example, I usually do a total of over 80 minute walking
at least three times a week.
And I have done a four-hour walking once a year for six years in a row.
Anyway, a doctor says that 40 minutes of daily walking has preventive effect
except infection disease, so I recommend walking.


2016年05月20日 12時21分56秒 | Weblog
Do you like playing video games?
Why or why not?

Well, I don't play video games so often, but actually I like them.
Once I start a video game, I will be easily sucked into the game's world.
I don't know exactly why, but maybe I want to forget about
everything around me by focusing on something.

Three Sentences (163)

2016年05月18日 12時50分34秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        無駄になる :go up in smoke

① The president's great efforts to address global warming went up in smoke.

② Our project will go up in smoke if we cannot raise enough cash by tomorrow.

③ All her money went up in smoke due to her excessive passion for horse racing.


2016年05月16日 15時02分45秒 | Weblog
Do you prefer to play individual sports or team sports?
Which sports do you think are better for kids?

Well, I like to play individual sports because I feel less stressed
when I take full responsibility for the results.
However, I would like my children to play team sports.
Because I want them to grow as a person through playing team sports.
I think team sports will teach them the importance of teamwork
and cultivate their skills to create and keep appropriate human relations.

Today's Writing (269)

2016年05月14日 18時42分00秒 | Weblog
Even a high ideal is still meaningless if it doesn't reach out to hearts and minds of people.
One of the most important thigs is to write in words which you use when you talk to your mother.


2016年05月12日 12時39分42秒 | Weblog
Who is the best teacher that you have met in your life?
Describe the teacher and explain specific reasons.

My best teacher that I have met in my life is Barbara, an English teacher, for two reasons.
Firstly, she has an extensive knowledge of the English language because she has a doctor's degree in English.
Whenever my classmates asked difficult questions about its grammar or vocabulary,
she answered them quickly and accurately with clear explanations.
Secondly, she has a great personality as a teacher.
She sometimes took us to a pizza restaurant to create a warm and friendly atmosphere
and try to promote friendships among classmates.
She was always kind and very supportive to all students.