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2012年03月30日 19時49分12秒 | Weblog
A private questionnaire survey targeting Japanese young people in their 20s and 30s
was carried out from January to March.
About 81 percent of the 1,309 people polled say that nuclear weapons are unnecessary.
Also roughly 86 percent of them want world leaders to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today's Writing (32)

2012年03月29日 19時26分54秒 | Weblog
A deed of "scold" may represent that there is no room in your own state of mind.

Today's Writing (31)

2012年03月28日 19時24分21秒 | Weblog
Kyotango City in Kyoto prefecture is known for the longevous city where the elderly live livelily.
The proportion of the elderly who are more than 100 years old in the city is about 2.6 times
that of natonal average.
The reason is perhaps a sense of security from a high percentage of living together with children.

Today's Writing (30)

2012年03月24日 19時02分50秒 | Weblog
Mr. ザッケローニ, the manager of the Japanese soccer delegation team, says, "Success is not always
promised, but growth and development is always promised."
It is our own resolve and efforts that growth and development always depends on.
Going on growing and developing is truly a "success".

Today's Writing (29)

2012年03月24日 13時03分45秒 | Weblog
When there is a small flower vase in a room, the room's atmosphere will be changed by it.
When you see a brilliantly-opening-out flower, you will be in a bright and cheerful mood.
Flowers have the power to change people's hearts.

In addition, I'm sure that flowers have the power to completely delete murderous feelings.

Today's Writing (28)

2012年03月20日 20時03分37秒 | Weblog
Tolstoy, one of the greatest figures in Russian literature, says,"Concentrate your energies on this moment."
Effects in the future exists in causes in the present.
Let's be victorious today.

Today's Writing (27)

2012年03月18日 18時29分29秒 | Weblog
What moves one's heart is one's heart after all.
If you meet a person in high spirits, you will also be in high spirits.
When you touch a person's courage, courage will also be called forth from inside yourself.
While you contact a person of gratitude, gratitude will also well forth within yourself.

Today's Writing (26)

2012年03月17日 20時33分35秒 | Weblog
Water is created through hydrogen-oxygen chemical reaction.
However, even if there are hydrogen and oxygen in the air, nothing will happen.
Because there is little energy that causes the chemical reaction.

Today's Writing (25)

2012年03月16日 17時22分28秒 | Weblog
A folklorist, Mr. Tsuneichi Miyamoto, says that in order to make children full-fledged
as a member of society, their parents tried to entrust children's education to the public
as much as possible.

Today's Writing (24)

2012年03月11日 19時26分29秒 | Weblog
Toynbee, one of the greatest historians, says, "The belief that any karma can be changed
will become encouragement for indomitable spiritual efforts, and the belief will bring about
socially crucial consequences."