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2012年02月29日 19時12分39秒 | Weblog
Ms Mayu Kishima, one of the most excellent young violinists in the world, says,
"When I take a look at the portrait of Beethoven, he looks grim.
But actually when I play his tune, I feel he must be a very romantic."

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2012年02月27日 17時36分03秒 | Weblog
White Paper on Fire Defense says that the cause of a fire, ranked No.1 for the 14th
straight year, was "arson" accounting for 12 percent of all the fires in 2010.
Never leave something flammable for a long time aroud homes or buildings.

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2012年02月26日 15時46分34秒 | Weblog
Mr. Yutaka Mino is Director of the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum and an author of
"Super Museum Revolution".
When he was Director of Kanazawa 21st Century Art Museum, the museum attracted more
than 1.5 million visitors annually in the city of Kanazawa with the population of
0.46 million, which brought about a revolution of are museum.
Director Mino says, " Art museum has to become a living room for citizens."

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2012年02月25日 20時21分21秒 | Weblog
Mr. Takayoshi Nishimura, a founder of the Japanese Association of persons of great skill
for admiring others, has proposed three S words for praising people.
Those are "Sugoi", "Sasuga" and "Subarashii" in Japanese or ""Great!", "Well done!" and
"Excellent!" respectively.
Those who admire peole are those who foster them.

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2012年02月24日 17時45分28秒 | Weblog
One of the deaf said, "I don't want to be called a person who can not hear.
But I want to be called a person who can use sign language."

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2012年02月22日 19時00分00秒 | Weblog
It's often said that one of the greatest cranial nerve surgery doctors, Mr. Hiroyasu
Kamiyama has the hands of God in operations.
However, actually he says, "I'd like to have the hands of Not God But a craftsman."
If he has the hands of a craftsman, he can pass on his technologies to disciples.
If he has the hands of God, which are given to select number of superdoctors,
he cannot do that.

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2012年02月20日 17時47分42秒 | Weblog
Master of invention Edison says, "What's the best way in order to succeed is
to do it again." A person of tenacity will win.

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2012年02月18日 19時35分46秒 | Weblog
(This is a translation, not my own story.)

17 years ago, I went into surgery for breast cancer operation. After that,
I lost my hair completely due to anti-cancer drug. I was really dismayed.
But my son, who was 9 years old at that time, said, "Congratulations on your hair"
with applause. I asked him why. He said, "Because the reason why your hair
has come off is that the medicine you took has worked. Then, you will get well
soon." His words really encouraged me, and I embraced him with great emotion,
weeping with joy.

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2012年02月15日 14時18分13秒 | Weblog
An Okinawan proverb says, "Make friends with good persons, no matter how much money
you will pay." A good friend is more percious than any other treasure in our lives.
It's important for you to make good friends, and at the same time, it's crucial
for you yourself to make efforts to become a good friend for others. Such efforts
will lead to a path of your happiness.

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2012年02月14日 15時39分41秒 | Weblog
One of the greatest figures in literature, Goethe, says that children play a role as
an excellent weatherglass for adults. Precisely, children are the hope of society.
When children's cheerful voice returned to a local community, the community, which was
devastated by March 11th earthquake and tsunami, also became cheerful.