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2016年02月28日 13時04分03秒 | Weblog
What kind of music do you like and why?

Actually, I don't listen to music very much,
but if I have to choose one, I like classical music.
When I felt depressed in my college days, I used to listen to Beethoven Symphony
#5 "Destiny" and Dvorak's 9th Symphony "From the New World",
especially, its fourth movement.
When I listened to the music, I would often be inspired to get positive.


2016年02月26日 18時24分16秒 | Weblog
Suppose you have a son who has achieved excellent grades
and wants to go to college.
But, you are afraid you cannot afford to finance his tuition.
What would you say to him?

Well, listen.
Honestly, I'm very afraid I cannot pay all of your college expenses.
I think I only can pay half of the tuition, and I want you to cover other expenses
such as the rest of the tuition, living costs, housing and textbook expenses.
I really want you to go to college, so how about applying for scholarships
or doing a part-time job?

Three Sentences (156)

2016年02月24日 16時27分23秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        後に(将来)~するために :for later(future) 名詞

① For later use, you should buy at least a dozen notebooks.

② For future reference, would you please tell me the reason?

③ For later consideration, you had better get many brochures tourist attractions.


2016年02月22日 14時54分43秒 | Weblog
How did you spend your Christmas last year?
Please talk about it.

Well, actually I did nothing special just because of Christmas.
If I remember right, I may have studied English at a cafe or enjoyed walking.
I mean this is my usual way of spending holidays.

Today's Writing (262)

2016年02月20日 12時08分35秒 | Weblog
Those who enjoy a heady sense of authority are sure to begin feeling fear about reforms.


2016年02月18日 12時56分54秒 | Weblog
Some people prefer to eat at restaurants.
Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home.
Which would you prefer?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I would prefer to eat at a restaurant for two reasons.
Firstly, I can save a lot of time and energy.
It is troublesome for me to prepare and cook ingredients and wash the dishes.
Eating at a restaurant allows me to spend more time on various activities
including practice of English and exercise.
Secondly, I can eat a variety of healthy meals at a restaurant.
I used to prepare meals in my college days, but they tended to be unbalanced.
Nowadays, many restaurants provide a variety of well-balanced meals, which is good for my health.


2016年02月16日 12時53分11秒 | Weblog
Suppose you operate a company and have a problem with one of your employees.
He/She takes too many breaks and spend too much time having lunch most days.
What do you say to the worker?

Listen, I've allowed you to take a few 15-minute breaks and to have a one-hour lunch.
But actually you take too many breaks and have a two-hour lunch most days.
Your behavior is sucking the life out of other workers, so I have to say
if you don't clean up your act, you might face a 30% pay cut.


2016年02月14日 12時48分51秒 | Weblog
Suppose you have a friend who is on a diet.
She is actually very thin now, but she still thinks
she has to lose more weight.
What would you say to convince her to see a doctor?

Hey, I have to say you should not go on a diet any more.
I think you are skinny now.
If you go on like this, I'm sure you will get sick.
To be honest, I suspect you have anorexia.
Shall we have a consultation with a doctor?

Three Sentences (155)

2016年02月12日 13時02分41秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        (名詞)的には、(名詞)の観点では :名詞-wise

① His policy will benefit our company taxwise.

② His proposal will not be accepted because it's not a good idea security-wise.

③ The report has encouraged us sales-wise.


2016年02月10日 13時30分30秒 | Weblog
Suppose you are teaching English at school and a student comes in late.
He/She is often 15 minutes late for your class.
What would you say to the latecomer?

See, I have to say you should be in time for class.
In my class, I usually explain the main points at the start of the lesson.
If you miss the explanation and ask about them, you will interrupt the others.
And if I explain them again, it'll be hard to make up for lost time.
It's inconvenient for you and for your classmates.
You see?