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Today's Writing (139)

2013年07月30日 16時03分11秒 | Weblog
It is continuing to challenge yourself that is the hope and the glory.

Three Sentences (33)

2013年07月29日 18時31分55秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        ~がオススメだね :~ is the better option

① The Nagoya Hotel may be the better option if you plan to visit Nagoya Castle.

② A home line is the better option than an office phone

③ I'm sure that the Yamazaki River is the better option to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Today's Writing (138)

2013年07月25日 16時39分33秒 | Weblog
Future exists in present moment.
Therefore, victory also exists in present moment.
We should do our best to do what we can do now.

Three Sentences (32)

2013年07月24日 15時20分46秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        可能ならいつでも :whenever possible

① About 40 percent of the people surveyed take the stairs instead of the elevator
whenever possible.

② I really want to commute on foot whenever possible.

③ This is the Japanese style pub where I'd come whenever possible during my school days.

Today's Writing (137)

2013年07月20日 20時02分47秒 | Weblog
One of the greatest Japanese authors, Mr. Saneatsu Mushanokouji, says,
"In order to live cheerfully and fearlessly, you should read works of Whitman.
When you get disappointed, you should read works of Dostoyevskii.
If you want to be inspired by keenness of conscience, read works of Tolstoy.
In order to stride along an accurate path, read Goethe."

Three Sentences (31)

2013年07月19日 18時06分48秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        以下は~についての説明である :What follows is an explanation of ~

① What follows is an explanation of how to use this digital camera.

② What follows is a brief explanation of the planned construction of a new highway.

③ What follows is a pricise explanation of the Prime Minister's economic policy.

Today's Writing (135)

2013年07月15日 15時16分00秒 | Weblog
A hotel manager, who started his career as a part-timer, says,
"Evaluation of a hotel is determined by its facilities, equipments and so on,
but what's the most crucial is a person."

Three Sentences (30)

2013年07月14日 16時48分30秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        ~したくなる :be tempted to do

① As I am getting older and older, I've been tempted to use a smaller car.

② After I saw my mother eating an Ichigo-Daifuku, I was tempted to eat something sweet.

③ When I was a college student, I was really tempted to study abroad.

Today's Writing (134)

2013年07月10日 18時23分10秒 | Weblog
Legendary Napoleon said, "The last five minutes determine the result of a battle."
Now, more than ever.

Three Sentences (29)

2013年07月09日 19時03分36秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        10人に1人 :one in ten people

① Do you know that one in four children in some parts of Africa is made to work?

② It is one of the acute problems in Japan that one in roughly twenty people is jobless.

③ It must be surprising that seven in ten males in Russia are smokers.