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Today's Writing (71)

2012年08月27日 14時08分19秒 | Weblog
What makes us exert our powers roundly?
It may be emotional ties where individuals try to live for the sake of someone.
When we do anything at all for anyone else, surpassing egoism,
we can bring out our usefulness to our hearts' content.

Today's Writing (70)

2012年08月22日 18時09分44秒 | Weblog
The existence of a family where its members can trust and encourage one another
is the foundation in order to win in life and society.

Today's Writing (69)

2012年08月17日 13時42分11秒 | Weblog
The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was a uranium bomb and the Nagasaki bomb
was a plutonium bomb.
Th question is "Why twice?"

The fact that they used atomic bombs not once but twice has dashed the argument
that the use of atomic bombs was necessary evil or was from necessity to end the war.

Nuclear weapons are not "necessary evil" but "absolute evil".

Today's Writing (68)

2012年08月12日 14時00分22秒 | Weblog
Even a journalist used to embrace the mistaken perception and say,
"It must have been lucky that there was a park on the opposite side of the epicenter
of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. If not, the damage would have been much huge."

In fact, the opposite side of the epicenter used to be one of the biggest downtown areas
in Hiroshima. Even now, more than 5,000 remains are sleeping under the ground of the park.

Mr. Masaaki Tanabe in his lecture or Hiroshima-gaku Kouza exclaimed,
"I really want everyone around the world to know the truth
that there was no choice but to adjust the land into a park because the damage was too huge."

Today's Writing (67)

2012年08月07日 13時44分52秒 | Weblog
It is when one is cherished and trusted
that one becomes able to exert one's utmost ablilities.
This is one of the timeless keys to growth and development.

Today's Writing (66)

2012年08月02日 17時33分21秒 | Weblog
According to Analects of Confucius,
If you give joy to people in your immediate surroundings,
people in the distance will also come to you.