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2018年10月15日 13時09分46秒 | Weblog

焦るな :There is no need to hurry.
電話で :on the telephone
ここ27年間 :for the last 27 years
軟式テニス :soft tennis, using soft rubber balls instead of hard yellow balls
スポーツに値するようなもの :something that's worthy of sports
いろいろあって、種々の事情で :for various reasons


Today's Writing (350)

2018年10月13日 12時55分17秒 | Weblog

Schiller, a person of thought, says, "Just as we can see stars in the darkness of night,
it is in distress and sufferings that we can see the meaning of life."


Three Sentences (242)

2018年10月11日 12時51分13秒 | Weblog

Three example sentences of my own composition

        抽象名詞したことに :to one's 抽象名詞

① To my relief, I was able to pass the entrance examination of my first-choice college.

② To my surprise, she says she fell in love with me at first sight.

③ To my perplexity, I lost my room key while walking from the station.



2018年10月09日 12時21分34秒 | Weblog

Do you think it's possible to control physical pain with deep breathing or meditation?

Well, actually, I don't think I can control physical pain with my mind.
Of course, I think the mind and the body are inseparable.
That's why I believe you will be happy because you smile.
But I don't think the opposite is true.
For example, when I got a toothache last year, I couldn't stand the pain.



2018年10月07日 11時47分24秒 | Weblog

彼の体調はどうですか :How is his condition?
離岸流 :a rip current
彼のお見舞いに行きたい :I want to go visit him in the hospital.
面会時間はいつですか :What are the visiting hours?
人をつけまわす :follow 人 around
(海などの)急な深み :a sudden drop-off


Today's Writing (349)

2018年10月05日 12時46分54秒 | Weblog

If you only seek comfort, even a small thing will be the pain in the neck.



2018年10月03日 13時14分41秒 | Weblog

Your mother doesn't have a driver's license and she always depends on you for everything
such as shopping and hospital visits.
When you feel trapped in your current situation, what would you say to her to set limits?

See, I hesitate to say this, but actually I have a tight schedule every day.
Why don't you go shopping by bike?
If you feel unwell and have difficulty riding a bike to see a doctor,
how about taking a taxi?
Anyway, please allow me to set limits.



2018年10月01日 12時36分00秒 | Weblog

どちらでもよい :Either is fine.
それら2つに、違いはない :There is no difference between them.
彼女は2、3才だ :She is around two or three years old.
彼女は保護されるべきだ :She should be placed in protective care.
彼は交通事故にあった :He was in a traffic accident.
彼はどこの病院に入院したのですか :What hospital is he in?


Three Sentences (241)

2018年09月29日 14時39分04秒 | Weblog

Three example sentences of my own composition

        つまずく、踏み外す、転ぶ :trip over

① Watch out, or you will trip over a power cord.

② I have never seen a person trip over a banana peel.

③ She began crying just after she tripped over furniture.



2018年09月27日 13時12分45秒 | Weblog

Suppose you are going on a trip and may not return for a long time.
Say goodbye to your parents.

See, I'm planning to study English in LA for one year
and I don't think I can easily get back home.
Please don't worry about me because I think I'm well prepared.
Instead, why don't you visit me during my stay in LA?