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Today's Writing (215)

2014年11月26日 18時17分25秒 | Weblog
People will put their trust in those who are making a sacrifice of something.

Three Sentences (108)

2014年11月20日 17時20分46秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        副詞ー過去分詞(~に~された):newly-developed など

① A newly-developed humanoid robot was displayed at the exhibition.

② The long-awaited movie is produced by the famous director.

③ The tennis player won the title in the tightly-scheduled tournament.

Today's Writing (214)

2014年11月15日 17時25分52秒 | Weblog
You repeat the same acts just because it's easy to do so.

Today's Writing (213)

2014年11月10日 17時30分45秒 | Weblog
You cannot bind my heart even if you're my lord, creditor, father or mother.

Three Sentences (107)

2014年11月05日 20時03分07秒 | Weblog
Three illustrative sentences of my own composition

        現在のところ :at the moment

① At the moment I have no idea what he wants to say.

② My boss is not here at the moment.

③ Is she free at the moment?