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2016年06月29日 12時58分08秒 | Weblog
~を一目見る :take a look at ~
それに対して支払う :pay for it
前もって :in advance
私にはすべてが同じように見える :All look the same to me.
捨てる :throw away
選ぶとしたら :Given the choice, SV


2016年06月27日 12時20分57秒 | Weblog
Do you think Japanese people are friendly to foreigners?
Why or why not?

Well, I think Japanese people are friendly to foreigners.
For example, when you take a subway in Nagoya, you will hear train announcements
not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.
And a huge number of public signs and maps in both Japanese and English
are seen all over the country.
I think they are a kind of indication of Japanese people's friendly attitude toward foreigners.


2016年06月25日 13時40分52秒 | Weblog
What do you think about drunk people?

Well, I think nothing about drunk people if they are harmless.
But in fact, drunk people are often harmful.
Once I saw a deadly drunken man sleeping in a bus.
He suddenly woke up and asked the bus driver to let him get off.
The bus was still on the way to the next bus stop, but he was about to throw up.
I think they should know their own limits and stick to them.

Three Sentences (166)

2016年06月23日 12時34分25秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        間近に :in sight

① The ninth graders' school excursion is in singht.

② The goal of this car race is not in sight.

③ The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry says the cyclical bottom is in sight.


2016年06月21日 12時06分15秒 | Weblog
Suppose you want to have a hasty meal but the waitress has brought you the wrong dish.
What would you say to demand your correct order?

See, this is not what I ordered.
I ordered a combo meal #1, but I think this is #2, right?
Actually, I don't have much time,
so please hurry up and bring combo #1.

Today's Writing (272)

2016年06月19日 17時11分10秒 | Weblog
The Indian hero, Mahatma Gandhi, says, "Effort is itself a kind of victory."


2016年06月17日 12時13分32秒 | Weblog
Some students commute to college from home.
Other students, however, choose to commute from dormitories near the college.
Which option do you think is better?
State your opinion with details and give examples.

I think that commuting to college from home is better for two reasons.
Firstly, if you live at home during college, you can save your living expenses.
Room and board at college in Tokyo usually costs over one million yen per year.
By saving the money, commuter students can buy more academic books.
Secondly, staying home during college means you can get much support from your family members.
For example, you always have access to a well-stocked refrigerator
and your parents will help with your laundry and make you dinner.
Thanks to their support, you can easily concentrate on your schoolwork.


2016年06月15日 12時41分52秒 | Weblog
What do you think about living alone and living with someone?

Well, I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both living alone
and living with someone, but personally, I would rather live alone.
The main reason for this is that I can truly be myself without strain.
On the other hand, I must admit concerns about security when I live by myself.
If I fall into a case where I can do nothing alone or where I cannot call
for help and support, then that's the problem.


2016年06月13日 16時36分21秒 | Weblog
You've noticed that one of your friends, Tom, apparently avoids
talking to you, but you don't know why.
Talk about it to another friend.

Hi, I have something to tell you.
One of our friends, Tom, has not tried to talk to me for three days.
And actually I don't know why.
If you've noticed something, just tell me.

Three Sentences (165)

2016年06月11日 13時15分36秒 | Weblog
Three example sentences of my own composition

        恐れながら、失礼ながら :with all due respect

① With all due respect, I don't think you are right.

② With all due respect, I have to disagree with your plan.

③ With all due respect, you have never listened to others' opinions.