Crypt Message at Hiroshima

Yesterday, the news that very annoying and strange flyers were put on the atomic bomb memorial cenotaph in Hiroshima was broadcasted.

At a look, meaningless words were written on them, but they also can be read like crypt messages.

Then I tried analyzing the words as I did always. The trial conclusion of this analysis has given me the message as following,

" Before August 15th, we will settle the fight against Japan with using nuclear attack"

I have no idea it is correct or not. If you're interested in this topic, why don't you try it by yourself?

Cited from Goo News :

The Flyer.The down arrow might be a curse introducing and connecting your subconscious to the past and future place of threat and tragedy.

Analysis 1

Analysis 2





The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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