DIARY yuutu

yuuutunna toki no nikki


2014-03-19 18:46:15 | 日記
You fear your death. You will die sooner or later.
But, on second thoughts, death is only an interruption of your life. In other words, death is like falling into a sleep.
You never fear your sleep.
If death is similar to sleep, you never fear your death. This is right only when you think about your death subjectively.
When you think about death objectively, death isn’t equal to sleep. Death makes the heart halt, the breath stop, and the body cold. Sleep doesn’t make such things.
Thinking death objectively means that you observe the death of other persons and that you think your death is the similar thing as others’.
Subjectively, you can’t distinguish your sleep itself from your death.
Nevertheless, they are not the same. The reason is that each of them respectively has its different expectation.
Before you fall into a sleep, you have the expectation that you can awake again.
However, when you die, you can’t expect that you will awake again. This makes you fear your death.
(19 March 2014)