DIARY yuutu

yuuutunna toki no nikki


2013-01-26 19:45:19 | 日記
They say that your difficulties and worries make you great and wise. This is a proverb in Japan. You want to believe it. The reasons are as follows. First, you are neither great nor wise. Then you want to become such a person. Second, you are often worried about your difficulties seriously. As a result, you get suffered and depressed dreadfully. Then you comfort yourself by thinking the proverb. (January 26, 2013)


2013-01-22 22:18:09 | 日記
Your body becomes weaker than before. You are old. You can’t work continuously for rather long time. You want to work hard. But you become tired soon. You shouldn’t do anything in a hurry. You had better do it slowly step by step. (January 22, 2013)


2013-01-20 20:01:36 | 日記
You are satisfied with a comfortable abundant mixture of your sweet emotions. The latter are like beautiful brilliant colors or like enchanting magical scents. They surround you. And at the same time, they also fill your inside or mind thoroughly. You enjoy your wonderful inner world. You feel to be in a heaven. (January 20, 2013)


2013-01-18 00:23:45 | 日記
Even if you are already old, go ahead! You are sixty-three years old, but you go to work every day. Though you want to take a rest sometimes, you need to go ahead without stopping. The reasons are as follows. First, you want to forget that you are old. You always try to do everything in the same way as you did when you were young. Second, you want to forget that your death will come sooner than before. Doing something diligently makes it possible that you forget your death. (January 16, 2013)


2013-01-16 20:33:30 | 日記
You are now interested in getting money only. You forget what is important for you. Of course, you need money. It is necessary for you to have some money. But the most important thing in your life is spiritual one. You hate to live in this real world. You want to live in a spiritual world. (January 16, 2013)