Can gold standard system revive for the future?

Dear Leaders from around the world who are currently visiting Osaka

cited from The Government of Japan official page

In general, the reserve of gold mines is said to be left under 70,000t, as much as one cup of the Olympic standard pool. According to the statical report, the worldwide gold output was 3,120t in 2011.

If the gold production continues at this pace, the supply of gold resources will be exhausted in about 20 years.

I remember, however, that this kind of gold-end story was also discussed 30 years ago like an oil-end story in which the supply of crude oil would be exhausted in 30 years.

Am I the only one who doubts the resource-end stories? To explain logically the current phenomenon concerning natural resources, we realize there are only two answers left before us.

1) In every year, new mines that reserve as much as consumed every year have been discovered.
2) The natural resources we believe have been produced artificially.

Which answer do you choose?

the source

the pipeline

the factory

the transporter

and the true owner



The world leaders must start establishing a new economic frame that supports the credit of currency not depending on the underground resources.

With lots of love

The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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