Hot spring or Cooling water

When I stayed in Philippine, I was invited by my friend to go to the pool resort together away from my home. The name of the resort is "Balungao Hot Spring Resort ".

(The coordinate value for Google map : 15.867372, 120.686200)

The strange thing I felt there is that the area around the resort was guarded by army soldiers with holding real guns under their shoulders even though there is no military facility near there. Some of them walked around inside the resort and sometimes talked to us.

After enjoying the swimming, my friend complained his legs were swollen red. We couldn't understand what had happened, then I collected the pool water into a plastic bottle.

At home, we inspected the water by using a phase contrast microscope. Surprisingly, we found many sparkling particles in the water sample. That is a typical phenomenon when water contains strongly charged particles or radioactive materials.

From the following two points of view, I concluded the reason for the symptom my friend suffered comes from the pool water highly contaminated with radioactive materials.
1) Armed soldiers protecting something
2) Hot spring in a place of no volcanic zone

Isn't it more reasonable if we think there is a military nuclear facility under the ground and the hot spring uses the cooling water of the facility?

Recently, the existence of underground nuclear power facilities is becoming obvious in Japan, so I dreadfully worry that some of or many of hot springs we know also reuse the cooling water of nuclear facility.

Even in a residential area near Tokyo, Japanese people can enjoy natural hot spas. Of course, if it is truly NATURAL.

The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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