The Great Catfish Released

The Great catfish believed to have the power to quake the ground, has been released from the lakeside mountain that is located in the northeast direction of Kyoto.

According to the Japanese ancient wisdom about direction, the northeast is the direction to where daemons live and is also called "Ki-mon (the gate of daemon)".

A few days ago, the curse of the Buddist magician that had locked the Ki-mon and protected the Kyoto for a long time was broken, and daemons have regained their freedom to go through the gate.

I have no idea it is good or bad news, but any curses will do not well in the end since we have no right of God to limit others'.

I believe, for the human race, the time to reconsider how to live with each other has come after three thousand years of tricking and fighting history.

Takashima City in the direction of Ushitora(northeast) of Kyoto

Kid's Park in Takashima City

Official guide about Catfish Festival in Takashima City

Hiyoshi Shinto Shrine in Takashima City




The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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