As Expected

Dear Weather Maker

Now in Chiba prefecture next to Tokyo, more than 130 thousand houses are still under power outage caused by typhoon 15 on September 9th. I'd like to thank all the persons who are working for recovering the inconvenient situation.

In addition, I have to say not all the inconveniences were brought by the natural disaster, more than the half are caused by your choice. According to the power outage map below officially given by TEPCO, only Ichihara City and Minami-Bousou City still have more than 10 thousands outage dwellings in their administrative area(see red circles on the map).

I can say it is as I expected since I know some of what exists under the ground of both cities.

In Ichihara

In Minami-Bousou

Some power facilities secretly built in Japan connect spacetime between north and south, or east and west. This is the reason why hot air was errorly transported to Hokuriku area instead of Kanto plain in the middle of last August. It also functioned when the JAL123 incident occurred in 1985. (この8月の北陸熱波、そして123便事件にも関係する)

It's a sin to tell a lie.

I'd like you to change your mind and help local residents first.


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With lots of love.

The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Written on the ground of Jesus Christ
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