It's honor for a journalist to be "sniped" at by Korean government-North or South.

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2018.6.9 21:23

朝日新聞ソウル支局長は「御用保守論客」 北朝鮮メディア、名指しで非難 金正恩氏「涙」報道にピリピリ?

KCNA Commentary Snipes at Asahi Shimbun's Smear Propaganda
Date: 08/06/2018 | Source: KCNA.co.jp (English) | Read original version at source

Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Yoshihiro Makino, Seoul Bureau chief of Asahi Shimbun, in a recent article dared impair the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and hurl mud at it once again.
The article, authored by the notorious reptile journalist, is run through with lies told by the scum of society, and it was carried by the Tokyo head office of the newspaper.

The Korean people are hardly repressing their anger at the tricky propaganda conducted by the conservative journalists and media of Japan.

Makino and Asahi Shimbun's smear propaganda are not the first time. They have already earned an ill fame for speaking ill of the dignity and social system of the DPRK and its economy and people's livelihood.

As far as Makino is concerned, he is just a hack writer who has been crazy about conducting conspiratorial propaganda against the DPRK by using false information offered by intelligence and security agencies of the U.S., Japan and south Korea and "testimonies by defectors from the north" since the periods of the Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye regimes.

Notably, Makino angered the south Korean public by writing a nonsensical article about the DPRK-U.S. talks, and became the first foreign journalist whose "entry to Chongwadae newsmen's office was prohibited indefinitely" by the south Korean authorities.

The reckless act of Makino and Asahi Shimbun is just a last-ditch effort to chill the atmosphere of national reconciliation and detente created on the Korean peninsula. It is also part of the anti-DPRK acts being committed under the manipulation of the Abe cult fretting about the tendency to "passing Japan".

Just two months ago, Asahi Shimbun, commenting on the frequent anti-DPRK remarks by the Abe regime, said "the regime is concerned of being isolated in the hot wind of north Korea-centered diplomacy sweeping Northeast Asia" and talked about "Japanese people's concern about their country which was left alone".

Clear is the conclusion.

Such hack writers and pseudo-media as Makino and Asahi Shimbun have "tangibly" contributed to causing the phenomenon of "passing Japan" now that state politics, society, media and even individuals of Japan are distrusted and rejected by the public at home and abroad.

No one will lend a sympathetic ear to such mean propaganda aimed at painting a black picture of the strategic status of the DPRK admired by the world and the vigorous advance of the Korean people for building a powerful socialist nation.

Poor, indeed, is the plight of Asahi Shimbun existing on carrying the articles authored by such a barking dog as Makino with petty fabrications.

Taking this opportunity, we seriously warn the plot-breeders like Makino and Asahi Shimbun against their moves.

Those who act rashly to slander the dignified DPRK can never be pardoned but will be forced to pay dearly, whether they are living in the island country or in any far-flung place across the ocean.


(press freedom)


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Is Dr. Laura Dean just ignorant or hypocrite?

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Dr. Laura Dean
Assistant Professor of Political Science @MillikinU, Title VIII Research Scholar @KennanInstitute, American Research Fellow @AAUW, Regional Faculty @REEEC_UIUC

Decatur, IL

Hazama Hisatakeさんがリツイート

Dr. Laura Dean

A powerful statue & reminder of war time sexual violence, I visited this monument in San Francisco to the Comfort Women. It depicts young women from Korea, China & the Philippines holding hands in remembrance of victims of sexual #slavery by the Japanese military! #Trafficking



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9:31 - 2018年6月8日



Merkel said 'world is being reorganised' in reference to a series of Trump policies

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Merkel calls for Europe to step up and dominate global affairs ahead of G7 summit in wake of Donald Trump's America First policy

German Chancellor speaking ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Quebec
Merkel said 'world is being reorganised' in reference to a series of Trump policies
She vowed to take Trump to task over climate and trade during the G7 summit
French President Macron warned US withdrawal from global role would harm US

PUBLISHED: 16:18 BST, 7 June 2018 | UPDATED: 20:58 BST, 7 June 2018

Angela Merkel has called for Europe to step up and be more assertive in global affairs in the wake of US President Donald Trump's America First policy.

The German Chancellor, speaking ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Quebec, Canada this week said that 'the world is being reorganised'.

Her remarks were a reference to Trump's withdrawal from from the Iran nuclear deal last month, his exit from the Paris climate treaty and to a new trans-Atlantic row over trade.

She vowed to take Trump to task over climate and trade but said the President's America First stance shows there could be a 'serious problem with multilateral agreements'.

In another warning to Mr Trump, French President Emanuel Macron said today that if America decides to withdraw from is global role, it would be 'bad for the US economy and image, and Trump knows that'. He added that a trade war 'won't spare anyone'.

世界は再編成されつつある、と。メルケル氏 貿易戦争は誰のためにもならんし、アメリカが世界の舞台から降りたら、それは、アメリカ経済のためにもならんし、アメリカのイメージも損なうぞ、マクロン氏。


”The G7 does not need the U.S.”

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France’s President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that the G-7 "doesn't mind being six," suggesting that the group doesn’t need the United States.

The French president took a firm stance against President Donald Trump’s isolationist policies, as he spoke in Canada alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The six countries of the G-7 without the United States are a bigger market taken together than the American market,” Macron said, according to Reuters. “There will be no world hegemony if we know how to organize ourselves. And we don’t want there to be one.”

Directly addressing Trump’s unilateral moves, Macron said: “Maybe the American president doesn’t care about being isolated today, but we don’t mind being six, if needs be.”


DPRK has long provided weapons and other support to Palestinian militants

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THE CLINTONS 4 hours ago
Bill Clinton says 'I regret' missed chance to 'end' North Korea missile program

Clinton did not elaborate on why Arafat asked him not to make the trip. The North Korean regime has long provided weapons and other support to Palestinian militants and Arafat made multiple trips to Pyongyang before his death in 2004.



Jeff Kingston is mistaken again

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Japan’s Abe Pushes Trump To Get North Korean To Discuss Kidnappings
June 7, 2018 at 5:22 pm

However, with the long list of difficult issues already on the table for Trump and Kim, and the talks already have been called off once due to disputes between the two sides, it remains to be seen if Washington will be willing to bring up what many of Tokyo’s allies regard as a distinctly Japanese issue.

Jeff Kingston, director of Asian studies at Tokyo’s Temple University, said in March that neither Seoul nor Washington regards the abduction issue as a pressing matter in talks with Pyongyang.

“Japan’s insistence on this in the Six Party Talks (in the 2000s) was one of the factors that eventually led to a breakdown in those talks,” he said. “Many people wondered why the fate of a few dozen Japanese was more important than getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.”

Abe has never said " the fate of a few dozen Japanese was more important than getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons."

Both Getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and bringing the abductees home are vital.

Don't forget human rights in North Korea.
Failing to raise human rights would signal weakness on a critically important problem. Bringing up human rights with Mr. Kim “is the right thing to do morally, ethically, legally and politically”

it remains to be seen if Washington will be willing to bring up what many of Tokyo’s allies regard as a distinctly Japanese issue.

The abductions issue is not a distinctly Japanese issue. South Koreans were also abducted.

2018.4.27 10:19
「日本のように戦って」会談見守る韓国人拉致被害者家族 未帰還者は400人超



Korean abductee families demanded Moon Jae-in to raise the abductee issues as well as denuclearization issue.

It seems Moon ignored it. The families feel forgotten.

As they watch Americans go free, families of South Koreans kidnapped by Pyongyang feel frustrated and forgotten
‘Why is President Moon speaking out for American detainees and Japanese abductees while remaining silent about the hundreds of South Koreans who never returned?’

PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 May, 2018, 1:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 11 May, 2018, 9:12pm

The families say their decades-long struggle to bring home their loved ones has been ignored by Pyongyang and successive governments in Seoul. Current South Korean President Moon Jae-in, they say, has sidelined human rights issues as he reaches out to the North.

Perhaps Abe takes human right issue more seriously than Moon jay-in ?

In any case, we can understand for the U.S. the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula is more important than the Japanese (& South Korean) abductee issue.

Therefore Abe said,


Ultimately the abductee issue must be solved between Me and Mr. Kim jong-un, between Japan and North Korea

There is no logical nor ethical inconsistency in what Abe is saying.

(With regard to the abductee issue, Abe should have had the talk with Kim Jong-un much earlier, though in my opinion.)

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安倍首相、日朝会談を呼びかけ 金委員長と「話し合いたい」






トランプ氏、安倍首相に確約「拉致問題 確実に議論」



 「安倍首相はこの問題をとても熱心に語ったし、私も彼の意思に従う。北朝鮮との間で拉致問題を確実に議論する」(アメリカ トランプ大統領)