Sweden and Japan: the worst places for making friends?

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Sweden 'worst country' for making friends
Published: 23 Sep 2015 15:37 GMT+02:00


while the Nordic nation scores highly in areas such as its famous work-life balance, job security, health, generous childcare and quality of family life, Sweden fails spectacularly when it comes to being a good place in which to strike up new friendships.

Based on interviews with over 21,000 expats in 39 countries, the nation manages to scrape only a 36th spot for 'social life' and an abysmal last place for 'making friends'.

“Swedes are polite, but they don't do small talk. And while they may appear reserved, they're usually just respecting your privacy. Once you've made local friends, you'll find them loyal and warm,” explains the survey.

It is not an uncommon feeling. While The Local often hears expat readers describe Swedes as warm and genuine friends once you get to know them, the way to their hearts can sometimes feel as long, dark and cold as the Nordic winters.

Business analyst James Jensen, 26, runs a hangout group on the Meetup.com social website in his spare time for twenty-somethings wanting to meet new people in the capital.

One of the problems, he says, is that it is difficult for foreigners to break into long-standing social networks of old high school friends. But the Australian mainly puts the issue down to the Swedes' inexperience in the art of making small talk with strangers.

“I can tell that they really want to learn, but they were never taught how to do it. When people find out I'm Australian they try to make small talk with me, but they really struggle. They speak good English, it's just that they don't know what to say,” he explains with affection.

Jensen moved to Stockholm from Australia a year ago and emphasizes that he loves his new home.

“It's one of the best places to live, that's why I came here. But in Australia you can go up to anyone in a bar and start a conversation – you don't do that in Sweden. It's very hard on a social level when you arrive in a country for the first time,” he says.

Forzati himself arrived as a university student and admits he therefore had an easier ride with a natural social network of classmates right from the start. But he insists that Swedes should not be seen anti-social, just different. And he would advise fellow foreigners to be patient.

“You take the time to get to know someone and it goes very slowly. But I've heard a lot of people say that if you become friends with a Swede you have a friend for life, and actually that's true. If I need help I know that I can call one of my Swedish friends and even if we haven't spoken for a year they will be there for me.”


社交性がない、反社会的だ、ということではなく、単に オーストラリアやイタリアとは違うのだ、と。









アイヒマンの嘘 The conviction to be better and more progressive than others

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The image of Eichmann as a technocratic bureaucrat has endured even as subsequently discovered testimony in his own handwriting and voice have revealed a man ferociously devoted to Nazi racial ideology—and utterly unrepentant for his vast crimes.

Frum: You lead the reader deep into the ideological self-justification of the Nazi exiles. Among other themes, they argue that their crimes pale in comparison to the depredations of the Jews against Palestinians. They argue that their anti-Semitism was a reasonable response to prior wrongs committed by the Jews. And—when they don’t deny the Holocaust outright—they complain that Jews are exploiting the Holocaust for financial and political gain. All of these themes continue to be sounded to this day. Is it fair to read your book as arguing that there is nothing new about Europe’s “new anti-Semitism”?

Stangneth: I’ll add another of their arguments: The Islamic world must take up the baton and fight the Jews. Even the wish to use foreigners for our own devices is nothing new.

German anti-Semitism has a language of its own that has endured beyond Hitler’s death. Unfortunately, legitimate sympathy for Palestinians has frequently become a cover for anti-Semitism and a way to recruit new soldiers for an old war. It’s also not surprising that people have trouble discerning justifiable criticism of state policies from old, hateful stereotypes.

Frum: Do you still encounter people who believe in the Eichmann described by Hannah Arendt: a mediocre bureaucrat who literally could not think, whose acts impersonally fulfilled the logic of a larger system?

Stangneth: It wasn’t just Arendt whom Eichmann convinced in believing that, “except for an extraordinary diligence in looking out for his personal advancement, he had no motives at all. And this diligence in itself was in no way criminal...” Even Eichmann’s interrogator struggled with Eichmann’s expert manipulation, and he shared a table with Eichmann for over 275 hours. Eichmann’s lies led millions of people to their death, so his continuing manipulation during his trial is no surprise.

Perhaps there’s another reason: Lying can produce a feeling of power. If you make someone believe a lie, you have power over him or her. Believing a lie means you lose a part of the real world, of yourself. The liar is given the power to rebuild the world around us, and we operate according to his or her rules. Think about an inverted street sign: If you are the one who turned the sign, you can take pleasure in watching people run in the wrong direction to catch a train. If you read Eichmann’s note written in his cell (and not available for journalists and spectators in 1961), you can find hints that Eichmann savored this special feeling of power, even as an accused. After he heard the death sentence, he told his lawyers, “I didn’t expect them to not believe me at all.” (Original: Ich habe nicht gedacht, dass man mir so gar nicht glauben würde.)

I think we miss the point, though, when we talk only about anti-Semitism and Europe. I believe modern anti-Semitism is a symptom of a much bigger problem today, because we have forgotten its origins: The anti-Semitism of the Nazis was, above all, a disbelief in human equality! The Nazis were convinced that our world is too small for us, that we don’t have enough resources, that some humans are superior to others, and that only those humans have the right to survive—and the obligation to kill those who don’t. For them, the Jews symbolized internationalism, rationalism, globalism, and universal moral standards. The ideology is tough to decipher, and hence incredibly dangerous. And if you ask me, their thinking still persists—specifically, the conviction to be better than others and to have more rights. We are buildings walls around our “Western World”; we try to suppress or influence the democratic and economic development of other countries







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中野渉 ファンになる
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First mixed-race Miss Universe Japan wants Japan to be more like America

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Currently they are directing their vitriol against President Obama, who they believe is trying to 'wipe out the white race'.
A framed picture of Hitler hangs on the wall, who James Moore, a family friend of Amanda's who is also a member of the White Knights, describes as 'one of the smartest men there ever was'.
However, the Hitler he has been taught about seems vastly different to the one who actually existed.
He explains his version of history: 'The so called concentration camps like Auschwitz had swimming pools and libraries, if you are going to kill all these people why would you have these things?
'It was more like a summer camp. What they were actually doing there was making goods for the war.'
Asked what he thought Jewish people were doing at Auschwitz, he said: 'Swimming and working. Hitler was trying to teach them to work - to rehabilitate them if you will.'

'A lot of their justifications for seeing other races as inferior came from their interpretation of bible passages.
'I put to them that they were a conduit for disaffected or lonely white people and they rejected that.
'Many of the people I met claimed they had experienced racism themselves – they'd been in a white minority at a black school or in a black neighbourhood.
'A lot were unemployed. Many were veterans. Some had been affected by reports of black on white crime.
'All of them were fiercely religious – the Klan claims it's a Christian organisation – sermons and bible readings are an important part of Klan meetings.





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婚活ブームに乗って、結婚という「ゴール」に向かってひたすら走ることができた頃は、まだよかった。ふと立ち止まって考える。「結婚=幸せ」なのだろうか? 真剣に考えれば考えるほど、わからなくなる。「結婚はコスパが悪い」とさえ感じられる今、結婚する意味って一体、何なのだろう。


Aussies kill thousands of greyhounds annually

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Aussies kill thousands of greyhounds annually
2015-09-28 22:45

豪でグレーハウンド毎年1万匹以上が殺処分 6 / 9
3 時間前

犬猫2万匹、流通過程で死ぬ 国内流通で初の実数判明
朝日新聞デジタル 9月29日(火)11時41分配信

犬猫2万匹、流通過程で死ぬ 国内流通で初の実数判明



The fathers work such long hours they barely see their babies awake.

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Back in London, I’d left behind a bunch of friends with young children. Most of the mothers were stressed about how to juggle their careers with parenthood and expensive childcare. The fathers worked such long hours they barely saw their babies awake.

I was aware that by contrast I had chosen to take a job in a country that offers generous parental leave for both partners, coupled with affordable daycare.


But with no children myself, I didn't think this would be relevant to my life.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The fact that Swedish fathers can - without harming their careers - take months off work to look after their children or leave the office at 4pm to pick them up from school, is part of a much bigger jigsaw of gender equality policies that benefit the entire population. When sharing childcare becomes normalised, so does the idea of having a balance of men and women in senior jobs, regardless of whether they have kids.


During the ten years I spent working as as reporter in the British media, I lost count of the number of times I was told how “hard” it would be to continue my career as I got older, given the often erratic hours. It was assumed both that I would want children and become their primary caregiver. Over the last thirteen months, not one person in Sweden has commented on my gender in relation to my job.


Of course the UK is still much more progressive than many other countries. And I am aware that there are plenty of women around the world facing far, far greater oppression. But living in Sweden has made me realise just how much I was surrounded by sexism back home.

Here in Stockholm I don’t get whistled at by builders. I don’t get taxi drivers asking if I have a boyfriend. I don’t get computer repair staff suggesting I ask a male friend to help me install new software.




(女性差別 女性蔑視)

” The reparations or apologies are not the right approach”  ジャマイカ 英に補償を要求

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Jamaica calls for Britain to pay billions of pounds in reparations for slavery
Downing Street says David Cameron does not believe compensation is the right approach ahead of his first official visit to Jamaica

Rowena Mason in New York
Tuesday 29 September 2015 00.01 BST

David Cameron is facing calls for Britain to pay billions of pounds in reparations for slavery ahead of his first official visit to Jamaica on Tuesday.

Downing Street said tthe prime minister does not believe reparations or apologies for slavery are the right approach, but the issue is set to overshadow his trade trip to the island, where he will address the Jamaican parliament.

A Number 10 official said: “This is a longstanding concern of theirs and there is a longstanding UK position, true of successive governments in the UK, that we don’t think reparations are the right approach.

Better late than never.




It is a moral outrage the declared powers maintain and develop nuclear weapons.

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共同通信2015年09月28日 09:58英労働党、核放棄の採決見送り 党大会の議題で支持集まらず



It is a moral outrage the declared powers maintain and develop nuclear weapons while preaching against them.



因みに、it is a moral outrage というのは

With nearly 1 billion people living on less than $1.25 a day, Obama said it is a "moral outrage" that billions are at risk of dying from preventable diseases and many children are close to death from being subjected to one mosquito bite.

2015年09月28日 18時21分



morally outrageous という表現もあり、「道徳的に言語同断」「人の道に著しく反する」などといったところではないか?


中核 監禁、屋上から突き落とす

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Dating someone because they're Japanese?

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Dating someone because they're Japanese? 日本人とデートしたい外国人?




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via daily mail



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2ページより、"露骨なバッシング記事を出した「週刊新潮」は…「反天皇主義者」であると一方的に断定・強調し、見出しが載った広告をうつことで、結果的に広く“右翼テロ”まで扇動していることだ。" / “卑劣! SEALDs奥田愛基氏への…” http://htn.to/2t7J7

リテラ > スキャンダル > 事件 > SEALDs奥田殺害予告を煽ったのは
卑劣! SEALDs奥田愛基氏への殺害予告、家族にも! テロを煽ったのは「週刊新潮」の父親バッシングか

【この記事のキーワード】ネトウヨ, 学生, 編集部 2015.09.29




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