Merry Christmas!

2014-12-26 06:55:13 | 日記
Yesterday was a day of the periodical inspection of the liver. My doctor said that a thing to be worried about was reflected in Ecco. He suggested to me to take CT. While I wait for a result, whom shall I take care of Haru if I am hospitalized? …I thought about…. It was a sudden happening, It was for me, the irjenction of zoeizai was the first time CT,too, and stop breath, and to breathe the breath. But the result was fat cell not a cancer. I think for love of God deeply, and Merry Christmas!!

The tower of the watching waving

2014-12-07 17:54:44 | 日記
I stayed in the near by Fukuoka castle two days for my work. Today, they have the marathon meeting of Fukuoka. I had breakfast with many runners of other prefecture. After working, I took the pictures of "潮見樓" . It was fun.

Mongolia Chinese herbel dishes

2014-12-07 00:18:33 | 日記
I'm in Hakata on work. It was an ichigensan shop, but ate food served in a pot because it was cold. they have a spice and the soup that original 20 kinds or more to make of the young Okamisan of the native Mongolian are good flavor as want to bring it with an unrivaled article.It was hit this shop. Let's go again.