The double windows

2016-09-25 18:35:08 | 日記
lt's the day of the lesson of flower arrangement day, today.
We had usually lesson, but l have a new question.
lt's very important for lesson, l think.
lt was nice style of gentiana scabra where l based on under window.

A quince

2016-09-22 01:36:47 | 日記
This is a quince in my working place.
Really, l've seen this first time.
They have another name "marmelo ".
They have bloomed white or pail red flowers in May and beared yellow fruits like European pear.
l remained that l 've seen the white flowers there.
But l hadn't known at the time.
Even so, There are a lot of trees and flowers in this place, it's amezing!

There are a lot of the nuts of ginkgo trees.

2016-09-12 14:47:48 | 日記
l've found the many nuts of the ginkgo at first in my working place.
lt's yellow and soft for eating yet.
These nuts have flowed joint of leaves in Spring, and they grow up nuts on September.
The nuts are useful, they are not only to eat but also medicine.
Thanks for God.

Haru sits on the deck.

2016-09-11 17:48:12 | 日記
lt's Sunday today, Haru sits on the Haru-chan deck which l had made for him blinding sunshine in Summer a few years ago.
Actually, he sits on there with relax offenly.
l'm pleasured enough, that's good.

"Good night Mom"

2016-09-09 22:08:06 | 日記
Haru is a clever dog.
He takes nice pause always.
He puts his face on his leg when he takes a sleep and waiting the walking.
He is going to sleep now, l said him "Good night Haru and have a good dream."