What is this flower?

2016-02-25 09:11:40 | 日記
Do you know this flower's names?
Oh, that's right. this is a "Aomoji" flower. lt's a little cute small.
l've seen a first time.
The kuromoji is similar to this, but they are used for the toothpick on the tea ceremony in Japan.

Please group up your fortune.

2016-02-08 13:52:12 | 日記
l brought a Persian cyclamen as feeling of happy sense.
lt was written the massage "幸せを育て下さい。" lt's good time massage for me, let's try seriously.thank you.

Haru has good face.

2016-02-06 18:27:45 | 日記
Haru was presented the renewal sheet.
He has a look of satisfaction on his face.
ls it good present, isn't it? Haru-chan.

The 12th birthday present for Haru 3

2016-02-06 09:58:14 | 日記
Yayoi-san came to my house in this early morning, and she said "l want to make the Haru-chan's house renewal just now."
She brought a lot of the bundle straw from the her caw shed.
She tied up and cut the straw the same length of the doghouse, covered the bottom with them,
and put the mat on. lt was only 10 minutes complete work.
She is a great care manager of dogs.
l respect her!!

My birthday present by myself

2016-02-06 09:45:04 | 日記
l turned 60 years old, 2/4.
My fitness club owner presented our members.
l choiced this T-shirt for my birthday present.
l like this color.
l think the dark red beans color may be good on me, thank you.