What a lot of fruits!!!

2015-11-29 15:12:49 | 日記
We have 3 persimmon trees, 2 yuzu trees and 1 orange tree in our garden.
We had many fruits in this year.

One orange tree has several names, there are Marumero, Natsumikan and Amanatsu.

I think the name of orange is Amanatsu mikan, and Marumero is the rocal name in this town.

By the way, Marumero is very sweet and delicious in Mays.
My friends wait to become ripen who the people know the taste.


I planted the two types of the tulips.

2015-11-28 15:22:03 | 日記
Today is my holiday.
I planted the Angelica and Green tulips.
I planted bulbs for the next spring.
20 Angelicas ware planted into the 4 planters.
One planter was planted with Green one scattering medicine the cats dislike.
I hope when they will bloom.


I've been in Hakata after about 1year.

2015-11-22 12:18:43 | 日記
Today is mpi Kids Contest in Hakata.
I arrived just now.
I've been felt no good last week.
I've worried about attendance of today.
But, I'm here. What's happened with me.
I don't know.

I found the my favorite food, Sabazushi in the Hakata stastion.
This is 1620enn for 10 cuts.
It's tasted so so, because I make Sabazushi by myself many times, that's so delicious, and I've eaten too delicious the Mastumaezushi
in Kozushi.

But, today's surhi is not too bat, Can you try thank you.