Spring has come2.

2015-02-26 08:53:02 | 日記
The field mustard flowers have started blooming in the garden at school where I work. We celebrate students' graduation with those beautiful flowers. The graduation ceremony with mustard-flower is coming up soon.

Spring has come.

2015-02-24 13:16:31 | 日記
A brassica napus has begun to bloom in my working school.
We send a graduate out with colzas.
The colzas graduation ceremony is close.

The birthday presents for Haru

2015-02-04 18:09:48 | 日記
Haru was presented birthday present by two younger nice gai today.
It's nice performance, thank you so much.
I say instead of Haru.

It's the birthday of my Haru and me.

2015-02-04 06:07:05 | 日記
We have been just turned 11 and 59 years old today. We love my days forever, thank you for my God.