The peony which the peony of this year is good, too.

2014-04-29 19:52:50 | 日記
I live in the country side.
A farmer nearby grows the peonies.
I look forward to that the flower of the peonies blooms every years.
I lost a heart to a crimson peony at this year.

Field of the early summer.

2014-04-29 19:32:57 | 日記
The leeks, seeding of the cucumbers, potatoes, pisum sutivums. Vegetables are planted in the summer. the beauty of the person.

Tokyo, again.

2014-04-26 15:13:05 | 日記
I come up Tokyo again.
Today is Saturday, and It's a fine day.
I'II work hardly tomorrow.
I pry good luck myself.


I'm coming in Tokyo.

2014-04-18 15:47:12 | 日記
I've departed Ube airport, just arrived in Haneda, I've changed 2 rail line, and I'm here. I've taked lunch chinese. It's so delicious, and oners have a good smile.
It's a favorite restrant, too.