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Merry Christmas !

2009-12-24 | diary


Merry Christmas !

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Christams ornament

2009-12-18 | others

  One of my friends went on a trip to Europe the other day.
These Christmas ornaments made of glass are souvenir from her.
She bought them at the Christmas market in Vienna.
They are small but they are very pretty shining against the light.

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Under drying

2009-12-13 | food

  I sometimes see the scenery like this these days while I'm taking a walk.
Farmers are drying Japanese radishes to make pickles.
After they are dried, they put them into a big pickle tab  with salt, rice bran, seeds of gardenia and so on. 
We call this yellow pickled radish Ta-ku-a-n.
They are good eaten with rice.
Japanese people love this pickled radish very much.
By the way, I don't make the  pickled radish .


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Birds in the pond

2009-12-06 |  creature

Ducks in the pond

  Many ducks came back from the north to the pond called Oike near my house.
Today I found black birds whose name I don't know there.
I've never seen them till today.
I wonder what the name of this bird is !

Black bird

These female three ducks don't fly to the north even in summer but live this pond all year round.

Sleeping ducks


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Repayment 3 (Mrs. Yetunde)

2009-12-02 | Kiva

Sasanqua (山茶花)

  Mrs. Yetunde is the third person I lent money through Kiva.
I loaned $25 to Mrs. Yetunde who is running a shop of soft drink and wine in Lagos State, Nigeria in August.
The other day I received an e-mail from Kiva staff that says another $3.12 had been repaid by her.
She borrowed  $450 from 14 persons and is planning to repay all the money in ten months.
She repaid more than one third of the money now, and her repayment is faster than the schedule.

This is my page.

I wish her business also work well  and the money repaid through Kiva !

*Please read this.

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