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Summer festival of Da-i-shi temple

2012-08-20 | diary


Though it's hot at daytime yet, it's cool in the morning and at night.

We hear the sound of insects that tells us the coming of fall.

Today is the summer festival of Da-i-shi temple and many people visit there in the evening. 

This also tells us the end of summer.



The people of the village set a flag and offer flowers, fruits, vegetables and so on to a little shrine at this time.

We call this little shrine " Ko-i-cha no ba-sa-n" that means 'an old woman who likes strong green tea" .

This shrine is used in the mystery by Yo-ko-m-izio Se-i-shi who is one of the greatest mystery writer in Japan. 

We can see it in the mystery of "Ya-tsu-ha-ka mu-ra'.


The flag has been renewed this year.

This is Yo-ko-mi-zo Se-i-shi's house of evacuation.

He lived here from 1945 to 1948 and wrote many masterpieces here.

Lots of fans visit here from all of Japan.





* Addition

  An ambulance came to O-da-ishi temple in the morning.

An old man who was preparing the festival seemed to have suffered from heat stroke.

The same thing happened the year before last too.

Please take care! 


Bon Festival

2012-08-13 | diary

Lotus flower

 I was spending busy days preparing for the Bon festival as well as watching Olympic games on TV in the heat of summer days.

I visited our graves to clean the tombs with my husband last Thursday.

After cleaning, we offered  apanese star anise, incense stick, rice and water to our ancestors. 

Next we set Buddhist altar to the alcove : "To-ko-no-ma" on Friday.

Our priest visited my house to recite the sutras on Saturday afternoon.

Bon festival is from August 13 to August 15 and our ancestral souls come back to each house during the festival. 

It is one of the biggest annual event for the Japanese.

And each family members gather together at that time.




Regular meeting in August

2012-08-04 | Yokomizo Seishi

morning glory

 Regular meeting named 'きんでーち(金田一)会' is held as follows.

Lecturer :  Takeshi Kubo(久保豪) 
                He is studying about Yokomizo Seishi who is one of the great mystery writers in the world. 

Title :      Past and present of Seishi's birth place; around east Kawasaki-cho in  Kobe city " 「横溝正史の生誕地・神戸市東川崎町付近の今昔」 

Time :     from 1:30p.m. to 3:30p.m  on Saturday in August 4 

Place :     public hall of Okada branch at Mabi-cho in Okayama prefecture
Welcome to this meeting !

Anyone who is interested in this meeting can join it.

* Charge is free.

* Please ask Mr. Takao Yamazaki.
TEL. FAX 086-221-2075
E-mail yamasakit@hotmail.co.jp