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Sunset on December 31

2013-12-31 | diary

sunset this evening

It was a very dynamic year for me this year.

Various things happened.

And  many good and bad things happened in Japan and all over the world.

May the year 2014 be a peace and happy year for everyone ! 


Winter solstice

2013-12-22 | weather

Japanese narcissus in my back yard


 Today is one of 24 seasonal datum points called winter solstice;to-u-ji in Japanese.

The length of the day is the shortest in the year.

We eat pumpkin and take a Yuzu citron bath this evening wishing for our health.

It is very cold and the daytimes are short these days.

But thinking about the length of the days after today, my heart become bright a little. 


Long pumpkin

2013-12-18 | diary

a kind of pumpkin called '甘龍南瓜(かんりゅうかぼちゃ)'


  Taking a walk yesterday evening, I was presented these long pumpkins by a woman who was going home from her vegetable field.

It is about 50 centimeters long and the weight is 2 or 3 kilograms.

I carried them to my house in two vinyl bags lowered in my both hands.

They were very heavy !

 To tell the truth, I was given three or four of them from her the other day .

So I told her that it was very delicious after I thanked to her.

Hearing that, he went home with me and gave these pumpkins.

There are so many pumpkins in her lumber room.

She told me that she would not be able to eat up them, so she would throw away the rest of them in her vegetable field.

By the way, I saw this pumpkin for the first time in my life at that time


Pruning of trees

2013-12-08 | diary


  Four men came to my house to prune off from trees in my yard the day before yesterday.

They belong to senior manpower center.

They visit my house every year about this time of the year.



The form of pine tree becomes neat.


Some kinds of treed also becomes neat.

My feeling  was  also refreshed.  



It's fun !

2013-12-01 | family

What's this ?


I'll try throwing.


Oh, it's fun !

One, two, three, four - - - 

  My grandchild becomes about ten months old now.

Everything is new to him and looks at it with interest.

He was paying attention to these persimmons and mandarin oranges.  

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