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Evening sky

2012-06-25 | weather

 It was a sultry day today, but it is cool now.

I saw a pink sky in the west this evening.

It was beautiful reflecting on the surface of rice fields.


Noisy frogs

2012-06-17 | diary


    Farmers  have almost finished rice planting around my house. 

These are the scenery of rice fields in the daytime and at night.

When we see this picture, it seems to be a quiet night.

But it is far from quiet because of the noisy sound of frogs.

We'll have noisy nights for some time ! 



Rice planting

2012-06-11 | rice field (farming)

  The season of rice planting has begun. 

My husband scratched rice field filled with water yesterday.


He planted rice plants today.

This is the beginning of the rice planting and he must plant in the other large field a few days later.

Busy days will last from now. 


Azalea is in full bloom

2012-06-08 | plant


  Azalea is in full bloom now in my yard.

Though this tree is more than 100 years old, flowers bloom every year in this season.

We call this flower 'Mu-gi-u-ra-shi' because they bloom when wheat becomes ripe .

My heart becomes bright when I see these bright flowers.




Preparing for the rice planting

2012-06-03 | rice field (farming)

after seven days



  The season of rice planting has begun and farmers are busy in preparing for that.

My husband is also busy these days.

I helped my husband plant the unhulled rice on May 24.

They are growing well and the green is very beautiful to see.