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The taste of spring

2014-03-27 | plant

 Field Horsetail

  Cold winter has passed away and I see sign of  spring here and there.

The cherry blossoms had already began to bloom at  some of the cities. 

Seeing the ground, I found Field Horsetails.

I picked some of them and took off "HA-KA-MA" from Field Horsetail and boiled them with an egg.

I enjoyed eating it.


The ninth person

2014-03-21 | Kiva

cherry blossoms


  The eighth person's repayment went smoothly.

The ninth person I selected was a lady living in west of Bandung. 

She manages a small shop selling mobile accessories and mobile phone airtime credits. 

She hopes to get a Kiva loan as working capital to process more transactions.

There are 22 lenders to this borrower.

Repayment term is 14 months.

I hope her business goes well !

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Under drying

2014-03-11 | food


  Many splendid Japanese radish like fat legs grew up in my husband's vegetable field.

Since we can't eat up, I'm making dried radish following last year.

Ever day, I pick off two of them at a time and chop up and dry. 

I save the dried radish in the plastic bag with a drier.

When it gets hot, they are saved in a refrigerator.

It is a natural food gentle to intestines.