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Going to a hospital

2012-03-22 | diary

Christmas rose

  I went to a hospital today.

About seven months have passed since my operation on my right eye.

The name of the disease is macular pucker.

About a week after the operation, my corrected eyesight was 0.4.

Two weeks after, 0.6.

Three weeks after, 0.8.

Three months after, 1.5.

Five months after, 1.2

And today, 1.5.

My eyesight isn't the normal one yet, but it isn't getting worse.

So I'm satisfied with the result. 

I'll go to the hospital three months later next. 


Spring has come !

2012-03-20 | plant

shepherd's purse ; na-zu-na


 Spring has come in the fields around us at last though it is cold a little yet.

I see colorful flowers or flowers of weeds.

We say ' Hot weather or cold weather will end at equinox'.  

Today is in the middle of equinoctial week, so I am looking forward to see the coming of the warm spring days. 

By the way, I visited our grave yesterday.

We have a habit of visiting our graves during this week, so I think many people all over Japan also visit their graves today. 


Persian speedwell ; ho-to-ke-no-za