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2013-06-29 | family

June 7


May 23

 I have been taking many pictures of my grandson since his birth.

His mother visits my house about once a week.

Every time I see him, he looks different.

I edited his photographs by using Picasa like this. 


Rice planting is over

2013-06-25 | scenery


 Rice planting is over and the scenery around my house is the one of early summer.

Planted rice plants are growing day by day and the rice fields will be beautiful green before long.



Flowers of weeds looks pretty by the rice fields.



 Two ducks living in the pond flew to the field to eat something. 


Rice planting

2013-06-12 | rice field (farming)

 The season of rice planting began.

Farmers are worrying about the shortage of water because of the weather.

In spite of the rainy season, rain seldom fall and water in the ponds are very little. 


May 23

We scattered unhulled rice on May 23.


May 28

They are growing beautifully.


June 2

The seedling of rice will be planted before long.


June 10

My husband planted the seedling in one of our rice fields. 



2013-06-01 | plant

Chi-ri a-ya-me

 Chi-ri a-ya-me bloomed this year too.

This pretty flower bloomed for the first time last year

I presented the seed of this flower to some of my neighbors who love growing plants and flowers last year.

They are looking forward to see the flowers.

It will take some years to bloom.

So I am going to give bulb of this plant to them.