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Words of a bulletin board 25

2014-11-09 | shrine and temple

Updated language of a bulletin board at a zen temple is a simple word "thank you". 

This is the origin of this word. 


 By the way, beautiful chrysanthemum is decorated in front of the building every year.

 A parishioner of this temple presents these flowers.

We can enjoy them for a while.



SoftBank HealthCare

2014-11-01 | new product

Smart body composition meter 

SoftBank HealthCare    My page

 The Softbank health care says "it is exclusive devices, such as a wristband and a body composition meter, and they are record and accumulation about a daily active mass and body composition data.

It is said that it is the health care service which can manage a bodily state with a smart phone or a personal computer easily."

Since my son got 'Smart body composition meter' the other day, I also participated in the "body composition meter course".

Standing on the smart body composition meter which was input my own data, the result is uploaded automatically on a smart phone or a personal computer.

My worried items were a bone level, a body fat ratio and a visceral fat level.

But there were no problem somehow.

And except for a certain item, other things are also OK.

Only one problem was the amount of moisture in my body.

I must drink as much water as possible !