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Hot days

2012-07-23 | weather


  It's in the very middle of summer and is very sultry every day.

These few days, we heard the sound of thunder and saw  lightning in the afternoon.

It sometimes showers heavily. 

Though they recommend power saving, it's necessary for the old to use air conditioner to prevent from heatstroke.

This heat will continue for a month or so from now.

We should take care of ourselves.



Ducks in the rice field

2012-07-14 |  creature


 I see many ducks in the pond near my house in winter, but I can see only two ducks in summer.

Other ducks have flown to the north.

These two ducks live in the pond all year round and don't return to the north even in summer.

A few years ago, there were five ducks that lived in the pond all year round, but now there are only two. 

 These two came to the rice field to eat something.




Words of a bulletin board 15

2012-07-07 | shrine and temple

  Words of a bulletin board at a zen temple was renewed for the first time in five months.

The word of 'Thank you' will make a person happy and he will smile.

Though it is a simple word, it is an important word.